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  1. 20 metres and that's it? That's astonishing. Is India a dangerous place to drive then?
  2. Are you watching the same championship as me? Alonso is only in the position he is in today because Massa was told to let him through a few races back, I repeat, it will be travesty if this petulant cretin leaves Abu Dhabi tomorrow with the WDC. I couldn't give a fig about Hamilton and Button, they aren't the issue, but the very thing you attack them for is what put Alonso in the pound seats for the race tomorrow. Ferrari told Massa to pull over and that's what he did, sounds very corporate puppet to me. BornFree2010-11-12 18:25:50
  3. Oh I agree, only a stupid person with more money than sense would buy this.
  4. It'll be a travesty if Alonso wins the WDC, everything he does is tainted by association with less than sporting behaviour.
  5. To pass one's driving test in India, what must one do?