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  1. Good choice. Do take a test drive and share your experience with us. It will help us too.
  2. The Honda Brio is also an excellent car. Do test drive Honda Brio and Wagon R Vxi as Sstar pointed out above. I feel the Honda Brio has a better engine, quality and finesse than the Wagon R but still depends on your testdrive. Both are good cars. pick your choice based on your test drive and push for discounts. Do not buy diesel car as you have limited usage and buying a diesel car will be an expensive buy.
  3. Looks better than its cousin the Sunny. The front grille and a more mature rear boot design is more modern and digestible. Renault is now more a talked about company since the Duster launch and success. This has elevated Renault's profile and image in India. If only it had reworked and distict interiors especially the center console and dials, it would be would be worth the extra money Renault is asking for the Scala. Hope its just 20-30k rupees costlier than Sunny, it would surely pull customers from the Honda City, VW Vento and Skoda Rapid. Yet to see a Duster ad, so I am sighting that Renault is not marketing their products to its potentials.
  4. The Skoda Rapid is a better car than VW Vento but lack a proper A.S.S. I guess people who buy the Rapid over Vento(if there are people) will consider the Rapid's better build quality, styling and sorted dynamics in mind and buy it rather than A.S.S. It is The Pulse is just a jazzed up Micra and there is no distinguishing factors between them apart from the styling. Atleast the Rapid/Vento have slightly different dynamics and drive. Both cars are not the best and will continue to sell average numbers only. I feel the better styling in the Pulse will attract customers as Micra has feminine looks.
  5. Simple. Unless it has a diesel motor, it can sell. I still cannot understand why Toyota, while launching all other cars(Prius excluded) with a diesel cannot launch the Camry with a diesel engine. Its competition are the very capable Passat and Superb that both have an amazing diesel engine. Toyota has an excellent snob value in India and can easily undercut its European rivals by launching it with its D4-D motor with 120+ bhp and surely customers will have a look at the vehicle. Flop indeed . Selling ZERO cars per month is extremely poor by Camry.
  6. I read in some fellow XUV user's ownership report in Team-BHP.com that the shadow in the headlamp was rectified in the Mahindra workshop. Please do take your XUV there and see whether you can fix it. Else do check whether a Xenon or HID lamp is available for the XUV in the market. By the way we too own an XUV and do share what variant and color you own. Also point out if you have any niggles with your car if you are willing. How is the braking? Our car(almost every XUV) gives a grinding noise under hard braking.
  7. We own an XUV500 W8 2WD for about a month and so far has done 1000 odd kms. It has so far been a charm to drive and since our car is a May 2012 make, most of the glitches have been sorted and nothing serious has cropped up since. Positives over Pajero: - Modern car with latest Monocoque Chassis - Loaded with all the safety features - Cheap to run and Pajero(SFX) is based on a 1990's platform and might be phased out soon. - Impressive engine - Great handling - Looks are eye catching - Comfort and Mileage (11.5 kmpl overall and still increasing) Negatives: - Some small electronic glitches occur rarely - Average ride quality - Some knocking sound from the rear tailgate - Brakes are not upto scratch under light braking and require a shove from us - ABS grinding noise Buy the XUV, but since you need offroading capabilities the AWD is in huge demand and may take ages to reach your hands. The Pajero SFX is meant to be bought only if want offroading and better ride else not recommended. However If you have a budget of 25 lakhs buy the new Pajero Sports. Its a better SUV than XUV500. If your budget is 15 lakhs buy the XUV500 AWD and push for an early delivery. Choose your dealer wisely. Book the AWD through the dealer who has delivered the most AWDs.
  8. The Fiat Punto is arguably the best hatchback for a fun seeking youngster. It has unbeatable dynamics. The only problem is that its enjoyable only if we buy the 90 BHP version which is on the costlier side but feature packed. Also the engine is slower than the Maruti Swift due to Punto's weight. Swift: For overall package, VFM and performance. Punto: For sheer dynamics, feel and solidity. Nano: Just for its autorickshaw like maneuverability in traffic.
  9. The B class will surely be a hit provided it is well priced. We Indians love hatchback/MPV designs and if the car is priced from a base price of 18 lakh rupees for diesel and 16 lakhs for petrol, then it will surely sell like hot cakes. Mercedes may be slow in the competition with BMW and Audi, but Mercedes is not silly for delaying their launch of B class. Come on they are in the automobile industry for about a century, they cannot do a wrong step. They are just watching how the market reacts with the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 so that they can plan a strategy to regain lost glory from BMW. Lets hope for the price.
  10. I recently got my XUV 2WD delivered last week. The car is amazing so far and has no niggles so far. The cars manufactured since April is reported to have many issues like the brake feel, gearshift and interior quality improved. We test drove the launch vehicle in October 2011 and found that the gearshift and brakes were bad. Now after we got our May manufactured XUV delivered, we were sceptible about the few electronic niggles, gearshift quality and brake pedal feel. But to our surprise we actually found the gearshift to be much smoother(though not Ertiga quality, but close) and the brakes are more progressive. The interior quality to feel improved and a lot of the textures and opening mechanisms of the storage bins are better. General fit and finish is improved too. I cant say the XUV is the best in class as its ride is not sorted as we would like but its not that bad. The handling of this car is great and feels like a saloon car on a much higher stance and size. There is body roll under hard cornering but as far as 'The Torque Day' test drive reports at the Buddh International Circuit go, many car experts have actually praised the XUV's dynamics. Here is one link: http://www.overdrive.in/details/1407/Mahindra-XUV500-Torque-Day The XUV is an amazing effort by M&M as its got phenomenal features, punchy engine, decent dynamics and comfortable interiors. For interested customers, my advice is to wait for the next phase booking and book the XUV then. By that time, the XUV might be more sorted and much improved and its electronic glitches would have been ironed out. XUV is an icon not just for looks and price, dig deep and you will find an actually competent car.
  11. Autocar India: Hindustan Motors has launched the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV, priced at Rs 23.53 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi. The Pajero Sport comes with a 2.5-litre 16-valve intercooled turbocharged diesel heart producing 175bhp and 40.4kgm of torque. It comes with Mitsubishi
  12. Hey guys, I have a question. Why is it that Autocar, Overdrive and BSM magazine quote in their Mahindra XUV500 test drive report that the AWD W8 will come soon and they have posted reviews of only the W8 2WD? I thought the W8 AWD was launched on Sept 29th along with the other variants. Please correct me guys.
  13. Happy new year to all. May 2012 not be the end of the world and let us all be as cheerful as ever.
  14. My vote goes for the XUV500, because it is a complete package. It has shaken the Premium SUV market upside down. Effects can be seen in the decline in the sales of Aria, Fortuner, Yeti and even the Corolla. One important thing achieved by M&M is that, being an Indian Car Maker, it has managed to sell a Rs.12 lakh car with ease, where workhorses such as Maruti, Hyundai, Honda(now) and Tata simply did not manage to pull off. Clearly either the VW Jetta or XUV500 has the chance of being the Car of The Year.
  15. My Cars Pros and Cons: Ford Ikon 1.4 ROCAM(2004,50000km): Pros: *Sporty Looks *Brilliant chassis *Good Interior Space *Decent Engine Cons: *Build quality poor *Lacks few features *Engine requires frequent servicing *Average FE (8-9kmpl in City, 11kmpl on Highways) Toyota Qualis(2002, nearly 1.8 lakh kms) Pros: *Good space inside *Easy to drive *Cheap maintenance and reliable *Engine feels it could run forever *Decent ride and stability on Highways Cons: *Boxy looks *Lacks features *Handling is average *Difficult to remove rear spare wheel mounted under boot.
  16. My vote goes for XUV500 as it is the most desirable and fully loaded SUV in this pack. It also sports decent looks and interiors. Its comfortable, has a powerful engine, good ride and handling(am shocked at its handling in test drive). Its price is just too tempting. As one mentioned that for Desirablilty the BMW X1 is the one every would love to vote. Even I thought of voting for the X1, untill I realised that its not a SUV. If the title would have been 'Most desirable luxury car under 25 L' I would have voted for the X1 blindly. And for all forum members,Great news: My dad has booked the XUV500 at 'Zulaika Motors;, Velacherry, Chennai. I bet Durango sir might be knowing where. . We have chosen W8 AWD, Dolphin Grey.KarthickB2011-10-04 08:28:58
  17. Hi guys. When I first saw XUV 500 in the live webcast, I was disappointed. I somewhat did not like its looks. Then when I saw the above daytime pics from Zigwheels, boy was I turned on by its looks. It looks hot in red. Just look how different it is from other SUVs in this segment. It looks amazing(yeah rear is okay and wild). The interiors were even more better and definitely fully loaded and by the interior snaps, it looks to have decent(Santa FE comparable) quality materials,fit and finish. To top it up you have the powerful mHawk engine with 140 PS pumping out of it. Also zigwheels mentioned it rides and handles well too. A great effort from M&M. Waiting for the pricing. What do you guys think of my post?
  18. About the launch of the Mahindra XUV500, the media speculated the launch being at the end of December 2011. But I came across the ICB sites which stated the launch of the SUV on September 28. Bookings will hence open since then and delivery of the vehicles to the customers will commence on October 7 or 8. Source: http://www.indiancarsbikes.in/cars/mahindra-xuv500-global-suv-launch-28th-september-2011-icb-exclusive-48137/
  19. Sad that a guy who was drunk was allowed to drive the car. While Vipul was ill, the other 2 guys could have insisted to drive the car unless they were drowsy or drunk. Anyways I always admired Vipul for being always active on this forum. I wish him a rapid recovery.
  20. Nice scoop there sb-alto. The new Safari Merlin certainly looks tamer than the existing Safari but I can see it looks to have developed better exterior fit and finish and opposed to the existing one which has uneven and irregular panel gaps. The rear misses the mounted tyre tailgate and looks like an MUV(boxy). But the double exhausts look neat. I certainly would like to see the front though as well as those promising interiors
  21. I just finished the query. It was pretty brief and fun to answer. One more question please? Will anybody go through each and every feedback of the readers? The above question's answer will be heartily welcomed.
  22. I think it does not have a beige colored interiors. Judging by the new pics of the mostly disfigured W201, you can see that the top of the dash is not beige like the Xylo, instead its black. I reckon it has a black and beige interior. The exteriors are as good as it gets. Hoping it comes soon. Well done M&M. Just perfect the interior quality and replace that mosquito coil like air con vents and you will give Fortuner nightmares(in sales).
  23. Good scoop buddy. Looks like this Honda MPV will not be a rival to the Maruti RIII car as this Honda clearly looks like a Rs.10 Lakh plus car. It should be a direct rival to Innova instead. If the Innova can sell 4000 units at this price point then I think that the Honda(given its reputation in India) can give a tough fight to the Innova. If only it had a diesel engine. Wake up Honda and launch a diesel powered City and Civic first. Then they should launch this.
  24. Nice piece of information. An Audi A3 at 20 Lakh rupees will be a great rival for its sister siblings Superb and Passat. I guess everybody will blind-foldedly buy the A3 as it has a strong image and trusted A.S.S in India thus far. Judging that at that price bracket it will bring in the 1.8 TFSi 160 bhp abd 2.0 TDi 170 bhp to fight the Superb & Passat. Jidging by the pictures ACI showed the A3, it sure will be a hit just like the BMW X1.
  25. @tejas: I agreen with you, the Laura,Superb and Octavia are all great products and are/were(Octavia) segment leaders. Only problem is their A.S.S and resale value. Vento is giving tough competition for Honda City and will dethrone it in the coming months. So Vento is not struggling, it is fighting successfully with the City.