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  1. I guess early 2012 is when its likely to be launched(say at AutoExpo 2012). Therefore when its scheduled for launch the existing A6 will get meaty discounts(1 lakh rupees) just like how BMW and Mercedes gave discounts before launching the new 5 series/E class.
  2. @tejas: AMG1 is right. The car looked as long as a Corolla Altis/Laura. It definitely is slightly longer than Honda City. But what this car brings to the segment is a totally different styling. Each car has its own styling element: Corolla: Corporate looks Fluence: Elegent and Beautiful Civic: Futuristic and youthful Laura: Matured Look Cruze: American muscle Look Jetta: No nonsense look
  3. Here are some snaps of two Renault Fluences(white,gold) having test runs at the Yelagiri Hills(240 kms from Chennai&150 km from Bangalore). There were a total of 5 Renault Fluences but oly caught white and gold one coming down the hills. After some time a gold Fluence followed us going up the hills behind which I caught in my mobile. The driver rushed away swiftly(decent acceleration) as soon as he saw me snapping pics(was in my Qualis). The car does looks gorgeous and had an attractive looking alloys and side profile. Overall I was impressed with the Fluence.
  4. Well WagonR is a small car and though its suspension good its body roll will not make things comfortable inside. Try the Ford Figo or Fiat Punto. They both have excellent ride and handling.
  5. First of all for all i20 fans am sorry to admit that all i20 Kappa owners who I know complain about: 1. Some generous steering rattling sound 2. Seriously underpowered with AC on. Just no pick up at all. So you have work with the gears to keep it at high revs. 3. AC not effective(An i20 Kappa Sportz owner says so) But the i20 diesel rocks no problem about that. Since you drive 99% in city and want power and space, try: 1. Indica Vista 90 petrol -->good power,space. Test drive it. 2. Hyundai i10 Kappa2 --> Great petrol engine and overall faultless.
  6. @AMG1: Its price is just to tempting as always by all Volvo's. However all models that came before the XC60 were either boring to look at or have average performance. But since XC60 things have changed a bit better but this is the car which will do it for Volvo. It has great looks,class leading performance and loads of safety features. It will surely do well in India.
  7. Wow whoever came up with this idea is clever. Its better to slot in the Logan's TDCi engine in to the Thar and reduce the price to 4.5 lakhs. Although the performance and mileage will not be an issue, the interiors are a big let down. They need to: 1) Atleast tweak the interiors to Xylo standard(quality) 2) Better ergonomics 3) Improve the steering feel. 4) And of course the ABS as option
  8. @sb-alto: Cool scoop. But still your task is unfinished unless you try to snap some pics and some specs about the vehicle at the factory you mentioned above. Good work still. As far as price is concerned I don't expect it to be priced as high as Yeti. But somewhere around 16-18 lakh rupees, which would grab some potential buyers and trump them simply because of its looks and Diesel engine.
  9. All the ignorant Mitsubishi has to do is: 1. Bring in the 7 seater Outlander and plonk it with a 2.0 PD Diesel they have with manual transmission. They should also bring in CKD to bring the prices to 18-20 lakhs. 2. Bring the new Lancer. 3. Bring the Pajero Sports as soon as possible. 4. And Bring that Outlander based crossover and pit it against the Yeti. 5. Increase the dealership network.
  10. Let me predict what to expect from the new Verna the Autocar way: 1. Design and Engineering: The car has an attractive deign and somewhat aggressive comparing it with the understated Vento, the beautiful Linea, the handsome new Fiesta and the beefy SX4. So the new Verna brings something new in this segment. 2. Engine: 1.6 ltr petrol which wont do good unless some grunt and perkiness of the 1.2 Kappa2 is instilled. The main engine would be the 1.4 L CRDi with VGT and about 110 PS. Surely will give the SX4 diesel and the Vento diesel a run for the money. 3. Ride and Handling: Do not know about this one. But expect nothing thrilling with decent ride and that typical 'Hyundai' steering feel. 4. Fuel Efficiency: Diesel will be a fuel efficint one i bet. Overall I am sure Autocar India will give a 8 for petrol and 9 for diesel. What do you all think?
  11. 1)Fiat: Linea 947 Punto 1203 Palio 24 Good sales but still a car like Linea should deserve atleast 500-600 sales more. Also Fiat are still having the same 3 cars for sale for about 2 years now. Its high time they introduce more soon. Like the Uno(replace the out of sorts Palio) and Panda. 2. Aria and Yeti doing well considering their 'New Crossover Market' tag. 3. All Skoda cars are pioneering ahead especially the Fabia. 4. Figo's multiple 'Car of the Year' tag will spool sales as it showed on January. 5. Etios sales up from 900 odds last month to close to 1700. Good start, but deliver the cars soon Toyota else the customers wont hesitate to buy a Dzire or Manza which have Diesel powerplants.
  12. The above pic shows that the SUV looks fantastic in the flesh. To be frank it looks better than the Aria(its man rival),Captiva, Fortuner and even the quirky Freelander and as good as the Santa fe. By seeing the amount of testing this W201 has undergone its obvious that M&M is serious about this SUV and wants to meet global standards when its launched. No wonder they named it 'Global SUV'. Hope its launched soon. BornFree2011-01-31 15:55:11
  13. If there is any hatchback worth looking forward in our market this year, then it has to be both the Beat 1.2 Smartech and the 1 ltr Multijet Diesel. @Durango: Yes there will be a lot of graze when its launched for sure and though it cant overtake the i10 in sales but I can see the Beat climbing up in top 10 sales chart in 6 months time.
  14. @HAWK: Just stick out the February issue of the Autocar India magazine and run through the pages, You will see that the Ford Figo is the Car of the Year. So if you buy the Figo(especially The Diesel), I promise you will never regret the car and also you can boast about its 'Car of the year' Tag once you get it. Makes sense for you to go for the Figo TDCi.
  15. The youtube video posted by asethi is quite a long one for spotting a mule nowadays. Nonetheless we have the appreciate the effort by the biker and the pillion for even chasing the Fiesta guy. The car looks elegant and cool and appears more like the white fiesta above. But the car seems to accelerate good.
  16. Look the Mahindra Scorpio has the same road presence than an Hummer H3 in those pics. funny.
  17. The new 3-series car looks better than the current model. But the biggest thing I look forward is the 1.5 litre 3 cylinder diesel engine which should be affordable and a must for the Indian market. Also if the diesel engine comes into the hood of the BMW x1 and priced around 19-22 lakhs then i guess BMW will double its 2010 sales.
  18. Well if they launch this I cant see any jump in its sales. It still cant beat the Laura. However expect its sales to touch 600 up from the current 400 odds. If the Interiors and engine power is good then it makes it even better. Else it just looks tamer than current one. My opinion thats all.
  19. If whatever you have quoted above are correct then I cant expect nothing more from a car of this class. I Expect: Class leading 1.5 mHawk engine, Space and Comfort Good Ride and A.S.S Better Front Grille Better Interiors(atleast decent quality and esp the aircon vent) I dont Expect: Good Handling Some iffy lower dash quality bits Short boot space
  20. I am shocked to see that the Polo and Vento did noy win the Premium Compact Car and Mid Size saloon car of the year.
  21. If the sales of the Fiat as quoted are true then I guess Fiat are still on the right track(if a little shaky). 2200 units are infact the better month sales for Fiat in 2010. Another interesting point, the Porsche Cayene sells more than the CRV. Wow. Honda CRV at 25-32 lakhs Cayenne at 56-75 lakhs. Man CRV is a poor performer these days all thanks to the Fortuner and Aria. 13 prius is okay for now. Hope they could bring the CKD and atleast bring its price down to 20-25lakhs.
  22. post some pics of your beast Santa Fe. Both Interior and Exteriors man
  23. @rahulgupta: Excellent car this one. Your car looks in good condition and also looks way better than most cars sold nowadays(Dzire/logan/even Manza/prev city). Excellent don sell this beauty till it gives up. Besides we own a Ford Ikon 1.4(second hand).
  24. Did he forget that Ferrari's are mindblowing only in its 'Ferrari Red' color? Guess he wanted to be unique.
  25. My color to car quotion: 1. Beat: Red 2. Fabia: White 3. Vento: white 4. Figo: Green 5. BMW : That trademark dark blue 6. Polo: Red 7. Spark: Green 8. Fiesta: Blue of S variant only(others look bad on fiesta) 9. Cruze: Metallic Blue 10. i20: Maroon/cool blue