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  1. @rahul: Good i really like these stats coz they show the performance of the companies. Hope to see BMW and VW sales figures. Tata Aria seem to be doing mid 200 figures consistently for 3 months now. Skoda Fabia is back with a bang and is sure a headache for the VW Polo. The Yeti is doing well considering it just opened a unknown 'Urban Compact SUV' class. Ford might have stalled the deliveries of the Figo I guess. The Hyundai Santa Fe is also doing okay as the Terracan and Tucson were major lemons. And Finally God save Fiat and especially the poor poor HM-Mitsubishi.
  2. A beauty just as potential as the Linea is born through the Fluence. But it does not have the handling of its rivals. Hope they make a sound chassis like the Figo/Punto/Linea(great ride and handling). Also bring in the Euro spec 1.5 dci with 105 bhp.
  3. The Indian Government is perhaps the most passive government in the world. If a guy representing our country demonstrates a project to produce petrol from air or water, they should give some financial or atleast moral support to him to develop a R&D for the project. Shame on our democarcy.
  4. Could anyone post the individual sales of each company like before in nov sales topic? Also include sales of Audi,BMW,Merc and Porsche if possible
  5. The Ford Mondeo was a great package. One silver Mondeo was owned by a guy in our street but was often chauffeur driven(perhaps indicating its rear seat space and comfort). The driver always has a smile while driving it on the road and he used to rev the motor hard(again indicating the performance). I also once heard him talking about the cars handling and fun to drive nature with one of his friends. They had it for 7 years and they had no major issues. The car looked great but had a small dent on the left front wheel arch. So as a package it was awesome. Failed because of lack of luxury buyers then in 2002-2003. Ford should have relaunched it when the civics/corollas/cruze/octavias were ruling. Missed opportunity i guess.
  6. Well a 2.0 litre with around 140-150 bhp,2WD and ripping of other unnecessary(for India) features are clear indications that it will be priced competitively. A price tag of 15 lakh to 18 lakh in the reckon?
  7. Well right now the oly CS sedans coming are the Manza CS or the Logan CS. Thats all.
  8. The Korando was test driven by ACI and lets assume the w201 is better than Aria(assumption).As Mahindra W201 is nearing our showrooms soon and so is the Korando within a year later, which one would you buy if given the money to buy one?
  9. Since you say u travel a lot,interior comfort and fuel efficiency with driving pleasure buy the Accent lpg. Or even the new SX4 lpg.
  10. @TD: Alright, The new Swift with the 1.2 K series engine with Variable Valve Timing. Power around 80-90ps will be the best vehicle under 6 lakhs for a petrol head.
  11. Peugeot are gr8 cars. They rule in France. Some of the hatchbacks like 206 are fun to drive and is like a Swift over there. Hope Peugeot comes and does a VW who silenced the critics of their siccess in India with the Polo and Vento.
  12. @Priyesh: I dont understand u seem to be a ghost in this topic. Are u viewing our comments coz i cant see u voicing more info on ur specs and budget and wat brand entices you? Anyways cuming to the topic: 1) I guess stick to the 2 gr8 hatchback producing brands are Maruti,Hyundai. So stick to these brands if u want low running costs as quoted by u. Leave Fabia,Figo petrol,Punto and polo then. 2) If u want handling and power buy the new Swift which might get the K12 petrol with VTVT. If u r afraid of the waiting so long or abt the Swift's waiting period, Then go for the new i10 Kappa2 or Ritz ZXi with Airbags and ABS which is a must in todays Modern world. Thats the best verdict i can say of all the guys who have posted here. DOT
  13. @Aakash: How about the spare costs? Are they manageable? Sorry for asking gonna try buying the x1 and concerned abt its cost of ownership.
  14. Yes the Etios is a game changer for Toyota and in sales, but it aint groundbreaking. When Ford Ikon was launched in 2000 it shook the market and Esteem,Ambassador,Astra and Zen felt the heat. Not in the case of the Etios. The Dzire will still sell and rule the sales. But the Etios will be a success mainly due to the magical toyota badge.
  15. @predator Go to Introductions in our ACI forum mainpage. Click on my topic(karthickb). There is a procedure on how to upload pics.
  16. Its simple man. Just upload ur pics in the site www.imageshack.us Then like on upload options/resizing and choose the image resize as 320*240 and click upload now. U will now get a page after few secs and down the page search for direct link and copy it. Come to our ACI forum and paste the link btwn the tags as Thats it ur pics are uploaded in the forum.
  17. @DD: How much would a random service routine cost in the case of BMW?
  18. Mumbai, Dec14: World's favourite luxury car maker BMW is all set to launch its brand new sports utility vehicle (SUV), X1 in India. By Dec 23rd, BMW X1 will hit the Indian market with an attractive price tag. BMW India, subsidiary of German based BMW, said that the new X1 will be available both in diesel and petrol models. The X1 attracts the car lovers with two basic models, X1 Corporate Edition and X1 Highline. The petrol version will have a 1.8L engine and the diesel version offers a 2.0L diesel engine. BMW has decided to assemble the X1 at company
  19. Congrats bluesapphire(would like to know ur real name.lol). Give an initial report on your car by this week as i think u r the oly Vento owner in this forum. Cheers man.
  20. Agreed with Cyrus. The Punto 1.4 is a good deal. It has gr8 looks,power, low running cost and handling. But if u r not sure abt the Fiat aftersales and service. Try the new Tata Indica Vista90 which is fully loaded and ACI gave it 8/10 in its road test. Else wait for Maruti Swift2011. Sorry for my many options but thats our small car market. Way too many options. But my opinion is to wait for Maruti Swift 2011(march2011).
  21. I dont think the Scorpio will get a refresh till 2012. I believe M&M is concentrating on the launch of the W201 here and in the US and are also vigorously testing the W201 mules.
  22. The BMW 520d will sell like hot cakes just like the previous gen model. At 36 lakhs it will certainly give the Merc a tough last month fight for them to retain the no.1 in annual sales from the Beemer. Will there also be a manual gearbox option too like the previous gen 520d?
  23. Lets hope that 220bhp is refined first. If so then this SUV can create a benchmark in its class(given its power). If its interiors are spacious with solid built and decent fit and finish and proper dynamics(coz its tuned by Lotus) then I think this SUV can click with our people. Also Force Motors should not price it above 12-13lakhs for top end.
  24. I think for a 'poor man' SUV at 10-12 lakhs with all the world class features and FWD, one can always look at the used car market. Its not always u have to buy a new one isn't it? Say a 2007 Pajero and used Captiva all fall in 10-12 lakh bracket in the used car market.
  25. Equipment Checklist Features J G V VX Airbags NA O Yes Yes ABS NA O Yes Yes Power Steering NA Yes Yes Yes Power windows NA Yes Yes Yes Tilt Steering NA Yes Yes Yes Central locking NA Yes Yes Yes CD/MP3 Player NA NA Yes Yes Steering-mounted audio controls NA NA NA Yes Alloy Wheels NA NA Yes Yes Cooled glovebox Yes Yes Yes Yes Rear defogger NA NA Yes Yes Fog lamps NA NA Yes Yes AC Yes Yes Yes Yes Prices (ex-Delhi) Rs 4.96 Rs 5.46 Rs 6.41 Rs 6.86 NA = Not Available I think Toyota has nailed the head right with its pricing and the V and VX variants are so much value for money. Airbags and ABS is optional in the G variant. Amazing VFM. Apart from the conservative styling(which I feel is starting to grow on me) and the okay handling makes it a sure winner. So if ACI puts a comparison on the Etios,Dzire,Manza and Logan, then here is the dummy verdict: 1st-Toyota Etios 2nd-Maruti Dzire 3rd-Tata Manza 4th-Mahindra Logan