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  1. Another great rendition by SRK of the new Tata Safari Merlin. Funny name isn't it Merlin.
  2. KarthickB

    BMW sales

    Post deleted: No requesting for replies. BornFree2010-11-28 12:46:24
  3. The Chevrolet Orlando test mules have been spotted doing test runs around the world. The Orlando is a 7 seater MPV based on the same platform as the apna Chevrolet Cruze Sedan. The Cruze
  4. Congrats Anand. I love Fiat Linea and especially the T-Jet. Do post every week abt ur experience of ur car in ACI forum if u feel to share.
  5. Every time I see the EVO X I can feel its mean looks, performance and handling traits doind tantrums in my mind. Even at 50 lakhs, though costly I expect it to sell well atleast twice the numbers of the 370Z. IMHO, Mitsubishi is missing a trick or two by not launching the Lancer in India. It has great dynamics,sporty interiors,good petrol and PD engines and more importantly EVO-esque looks all make up for good sales figure. Though I dont expect sales of 1000s, I can see it close to the Laura figues. I just dont understand Mitsubishi's plans. Also Pajero Sport should have been here mid 2010 according to ACI and other magazines. Why the delay? Only if they break from HM they can do wonders.
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    BMW sales

    After Mercedes E series was launched the sales of BMW were ousted by Merc according to ACI. But i do not know about the sales figures of BMW post June/July. Being a BMW fan, I am concerned about its performance in India and want it to thrash the Mercs again in annual sales figures in the premium luxury market. Does anyone have any idea of the performance of the new 5 series in India? Also only one more month to 2011, I am anxious to know whether BMW wins again for the consecutive year. Sorry Merc fans but am a BMW fan
  7. @NEVER QUIT: I appreciate ur concern,but I have several reasons why there is a huge waiting period in Chennai: The Classic 500 is more in demand by the customers. CL350 is available in 2-3 months here. Chennai is the place where RE bikes are manufactured and contributes to the bulk of the classic 500 sales. Also we are willing to wait till april as we were assured by the RE guy that our CL500(Black) will be fresh from their new steam of bike manufactured. Also my bro is in abroad now so no hurry.
  8. @CYRUS: Agreed his photo shop is almost real and if the car looks like this then Xylo will appeal to more people who were subdued by its styling.
  9. Wow if its gonna look like this, then i give a thumps up. I like the front half of the car. The rear portion is about okay,except for the coupe like window lines(CRV like). But its still too early to draw conclusions.
  10. Note that the A, B and C pillars are blacked out to reduce visual bulk.
  11. And sorry for the ??? and non-caps in the topic. New to this forum and has to get used to the rules of the Forum.
  12. I wonder whether the new revised Xylo will look like this. Saw this in google search. The Xylo while a hit is hugely criticized for its oddball front styling and scary dynamics. With this refresh M&M aims to showcase an improved front grille, better feel to interior quality and revised suspension for less body roll or settled ride.
  13. @karan: Yes,Its a 2 seater, sorry forgot to mention. But the dealer did say that if the production kicks up nicely, we might get it sooner.
  14. I bet the Indian version of the SX4 will get a different looking grille and customed front and rear bumpers. Interiors are likely to get 2011 Swift treatment and elements. But the biggest welcome will be the 1.3DDis with 90bhp. I think it will be a booster to the SX4 as its against the Vento D, Fiesta D,Linea and upcoming new Octavia. Lets see
  15. Here is the picture of the MTC Volvo Bus in Chennai. There are plenty of them doing duty here in Chennai.
  16. Thanks a lot people for the welcome. I will certainly enjoy the forum and remain active as long as possible.
  17. Hey guys. My brother(28) has booked a RE Classic 500(Black) on July this year here in Chennai(Adyar) They said that you will recieve the bike after 10 months. He assured us that we will get our hands on the bike on April 2011. Its Onroad price is quoted at 1.42 lakhs without the 'thump silencer mounted'.
  18. Thanks creativebala. I see u r a fiat fan. What car do u have?
  19. Hi horizon. Even i love Volvo buses. I made several short point to point trips in our MTC volvo buses(AC),they are awesome with gr8 acceleration and refinement. Ofcourse their air suspension is smooth and plush and you feel absolutely no bumps or potholes through those amazing seats. I have also travelled in it from Vellore to Chennai(110km) in an impressive time of just 1hr15mins. Super comfy and stressless.
  20. well...HM has to make the car click with the audience unlike the Amby Avigo...If it is styled right and has good performance,interior quality,good ride and decent handling with a fantastic price tag it ll certainly be a success if not huge....
  21. hi i am karthick b from chennai...I am an ardent reader of autocar india magazine...i love cars and bikes and am gifted to name almost any car u show me in the world...I am new to this forum and just browsed the forums, but now thought i cud join with the members and have fun...I admire certain guys like durangodude and sarabjeet,etc...i am right....they are very active in the ACI forums...Once again it cud be helpful if any exp. forum member cud teach me how to post pics in topics...without pasting LINKS... Thanks...