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    We own an XUV500 W8 2WD for about a month and so far has done 1000 odd kms. It has so far been a charm to drive and since our car is a May 2012 make, most of the glitches have been sorted and nothing serious has cropped up since.
    Positives over Pajero:
    - Modern car with latest Monocoque Chassis
    - Loaded with all the safety features
    - Cheap to run and Pajero(SFX) is based on a 1990's platform and might be phased out soon.
    - Impressive engine
    - Great handling
    - Looks are eye catching
    - Comfort and Mileage (11.5 kmpl overall and still increasing)
    - Some small electronic glitches occur rarely
    - Average ride quality
    - Some knocking sound from the rear tailgate
    - Brakes are not upto scratch under light braking and require a shove from us
    - ABS grinding noise
    Buy the XUV, but since you need offroading capabilities the AWD is in huge demand and may take ages to reach your hands. The Pajero SFX is meant to be bought only if want offroading and better ride else not recommended. However If you have a budget of 25 lakhs buy the new Pajero Sports. Its a better SUV than XUV500. If your budget is 15 lakhs buy the XUV500 AWD and push for an early delivery. Choose your dealer wisely. Book the AWD through the dealer who has delivered the most AWDs.