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  1. Palio is almost dead now. Customers are looking for new cars in the market. Fiat should better stop producing it.
  2. I don't like the Vista and now Manza, just for the big lights and grille, which i think could have been better. But other than that on all other angles, Manza looks good. Looks like Tata is more concentrating on comfort on its new cars. I don't see any notable improvement in dynamics of them. Steering feel and handling are the main thing they should concentrate. Waiting for FE report.
  3. Suzuki and Nissan share lots of models. Whose car it it actually?
  4. Grande could have done better, if it did not have the upgraded Sumo image. I don't see any opportunities for Grande to mark a success.
  5. Grande is a failure product from Tata. So expect poor resale value.
  6. A cut of 2-3 lacs, would make a lot of difference.
  7. Nice scoop. But price wise, it'd suffer i guess. No one would buy a Tata for 14 lacs.
  8. Reg. Fiat, the local dealer said a couple of weeks back that it'll take 6 months for 1.6l engine to come.
  9. I some how don't like the front looks. It looks like taking some light from a sports car and fit in a Indica.
  10. Looks like a Indigo and SX4 mixed together. It looks awkward. Hope doesn't make a mistake.
  11. 1.3mjd in Linea delivers 86BHP and not 90. new Indigo will be having similar output. If Tata gets the looks department well, it'll have a hot seller.Crazy cat2009-10-03 12:15:25
  12. @winner, the seats and rear tyre are the same. Only the handlebar is changed to aid long rides.
  13. No way. First of all, its imported. And if they have to do anything for law, they'd just limit the top speed, which is pretty easy and will never affect performance.
  14. You can't import a Hayabusa to India. But you can buy one from Suzuki showroom.
  15. IMO Only the price tag is not justified. Else, the bike is pretty good.
  16. Its a boon, if your battery is healthy. @winner48, earlier i read an issue in ACI during the time of launch of P220 dts-fi. A P220 was having lots of problems in his bike, including starter failure. And it was mentioned that he push started the bike every single time.
  17. They aren't very cheap. But can be said better than competition.
  18. Swift petrol will get a engine change by 2010 April. So better stay out of it.
  19. Kindly share the source of information about the news.
  20. Discount on optra magnum Max- Rs.60000 Ls- Rs.70000 Lt- Rs.80000
  21. Price is the crucial thing. Hope they get that right.
  22. If you prefer extra power, then P220, look no further. ABut if you want quality, handling, and a better overall bike, then Fazer.