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  1. Wile youa re at it, check the engine mounts too.
  2. If u are starting the car and leaving it idling without using any electrical loads like lights or stereo, then the alternator will charge the battery. but it will take some time to charge as starting itself is very heavy load on the battery and that drain needs to be replenished before there can be any net charging. Its always advisable not to go for repeated startings and to keep the engine running for sometime after each starting.
  3. Even desktop computer manufacturers have a way of forcing you to upgrade. Every 5 years or so Intel changes the pin configuration of its motherboard, so no matter whether its only your motherboard, processor or ram which is shot, you are forced to replace all the three. Which means the customer is forced to spend 15000 instead of 5000.
  4. The old diesel or petrol ambassador does not need a battery to just needs a battery to crank the starter motor. If we push start, its perfectly capable of running on its own. The later generation amby diesels with electronic pump needed a battery to be in place to run, even a discharged battery was ok as long as somthing was there. If u disconnect batt terminal while engine is running, the engine stops. But push starting a newer car should be fine, as long as the battery has enough juice to run the electronics, which is much lesser than that required for cranking. The electronics will run fine even if the battery cannot provide enough current to the starter motor. So as long as the battery is not COMPLETELY dead. i.e. if the lights work, then push start is ok. because the fuel pump can work and also the electronics ---------- Two posts merged: MOD sgiitk2011-02-18 03:31:39
  5. Nothing much to do. just be a little careful braking and all. Also it would be better if you put the uneven tires at the rear (assuming your car is front wheel driven) and the best set of even tires up front.
  6. I have followed caris passion's advice and installed creative 4.1 in my M800. Works like a dream. Awesome sound but the music is not loud enough for my liking. (that is because the creative 4.1 has very low max volume even when running at home, when the windows are rolled down the sound becomes feeble for soft songs, but man is the bass awesome or what!!)
  7. But people like me who have an 800 without a rev counter have to do it by speed and 'feel' only. :-) But you are right, rpm is the best way to base shifts on.
  8. Regarding rpm for gear change, Maruti recommends 2nd gear above 10kph, 3rd gear above 20kph, 4th gear above 30kph and 5th gear(overdrive) above 40kph in the esteem manual IIRC. Most of you will know that practically these speeds are not the best speeds and the engine will appear strained if u shift at these speeds. But the vehicle is built to easily take the strain.
  9. Every gear is designed to operate within a load/rpm range. and more often than not, the high range of the, lets say second gear will overlap with the low range of the fourth even without going into the Factor of safety region. In these cases, in a familiar car, i do not see how skipping a gear can cause any problems. Most taxiwallas (even those who use their own cars) do it. And in my book, that ts the ultimate test. If a taxi guy does it to his own taxi, its time tested and safe in the long term. Its amazing how the local mechanics and taxi guys find simple jugaad solutions and tricks..We engineers will be amazed at wat can be discovered after a few minutes of chat with a taxi\lorry driver.
  10. was searching for ways to make my carb 800 more springier in the mornings. I have been idling (on choke) for 30 sec before moving but even that is not sufficient to make it less sluggish. It gets warmed up to the normal temp just about right when i have reached my destination (office). I use water as coolant, does that have any effect on warm up times? Isnt the cooling circuit turned off till the engine is warm?
  11. I do not think there is any problem in doing that as long as the car has enough torque to handle the load without over revving and slipping the clutch. Our old diesel ambassador had so much torque that it would pull smartly up an incline from standing position with the engine at idle Rpm. Most new cars do not have that kind of torque at those rpm, so while it is best to use all gears when in doubt, if you know what you are doing, its perfectly safe. Just remember to not slip the clutch too much.