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  1. yeah, and it'll burn a hole in your pocket!!! electrolysis is very costly
  2. But hey, you can't have everything at the same time. Wait a while, and maybe you'll get to see such GM crops which are so yielding that farmers needn't switch. We're still witnessing an infant research area. Let it mature a bit. I'm sure the prospects will be good, for I'm hopeful of playing a nice part in this field when I graduate. Leave everything on the genius !
  3. Guess I'll just have to pop a few pills and feel that driving is better than eating!
  4. The Honda City has been around for a while, now. The SX4 isn't a bad car. It looks good, feels good and drives good. Change is good.
  5. saladin

    Small car !!

    If fuel economy is a pretty big concern, consider the Alto. Its light, zippy and ideal for Indian roads. The engine's also pretty good and stable.
  6. A recent research finding by Dr. Percival Zhang of Virginia Tech showed that hydrogen produced from plant sugars was three times the yield as compared to the same from fossil fuels and other conventional methods. Using plant sugars, water and a cocktail of 14- odd enzymes, hydrogen was successfully liberated at moderate temperatures, which means that production will be both high- yielding as well as economical than before. As far as the storage issues are concerned, a new class of organic compounds (MOFs) has been discovered, which might hold the key for the same. Metal Organic Frameworks have a typical structure in which hydrogen can be successfully bound to them as well as liberated easily at moderate temperatures only. MOF- 74 has an inner layer of zinc and is being viewed as the most crucial compound in this endeavour. So, if everything goes well, we might have hydrogen- powered cars in the future. Plant sugars, being renewable, will produce hydrogen eternally, and fuel tanks of vehicles designed using MOFs will solve issues of storage.
  7. I felt that the Ferrari Fiorano 599 could have been there.
  8. Heya there, mate. Welcome aboard.
  9. The Corolla might as well be what you're looking for. Good looks with that touch of class and luxury, great Toyota reliability and performance, almost everything.
  10. Great news, dude. Keep up the good work. Maybe this will melt some stony hearts of this forum for the Ambassador.
  11. Hmm... Even the police have got a loking for good art
  12. Here's one of the coolest looking pickups ever. Look at the A-BAT's futuristic design and the awesome interiors. Make no mistake, you'll feel that you're in the cockpit of a brand new plane. Watch the video and your lips connect both your cheekbones!!!
  13. Beautiful picture there, amte. Looks gorgeous.
  14. Keep nibbling at them till they provide you with a proper redressal. And yeah, just because you've faced a problem with one car, no myths about the Innova have been busted. Its unfair to hold the whole of Toyota's family tree responsible for a faulty clutch. It could have been that the vehicle somehow escaped the Q/C. Don't worry, relax and let time work out.
  15. Serves 'em well, spineless Jap rabid strays. They have to understand that the world will not go head over heels and worship them even if they wrong, just because they've consistently been churning good vehicles. Racism should be nipped in the bud. Personally, the fine seems to be low and these guys would have it any day. Something more stringent would have been better.
  16. The same applies to you, mate. Make her your good friend and ogle (if you want to) at her from 50 ft away.
  17. You won't want it, Priya. A BAT's been made feminine by us, and she's a lady.
  18. Mopeds had their time on the roads, and have served their job of basic transportation pretty well. In rural areas which are not properly connected with proper roads, mopeds serve as the vehicles on bumpy tracks, and they are the poor man's Yamaha. No point trying to fit them int he present urban madness.
  19. Priest: Saladin, do you agree to get married to A BAT and promise to stay with her for ever? I: I will Priest: Very well, then. You may now kiss the bride... I: ...Muah... muahhhhh..... saladin2008-01-07 13:29:47
  20. even the accent ad was quite good saladin2008-01-06 17:29:17
  21. yeah... a very sad sense of humour. Dry and sarcastic