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  1. Thanks Prashanttroxx. Yes, you are correct and eventually, manual transmission gives more control and the real sense of driving. I will plan for GT TDI. But, there is an another great alternative, Honda Amaze with its 1.5 brand new Diesel engine, with most FE than any car. It has great outer looks but the dashboard and internals not at all catchy. Also, people complained about the constant noise and the engine vibrations creeping into the cabin. Do you think it is a better option overall when compared to GT TDI, when the FE is kept aside?
  2. Thansk Ixtreme, I really liked the TSI but the FE is a very low 11, based on the reviews. And in my TD with 1.2, I was not totally impressed. So, planning to go for TDI as it has better performance, torque distribution and a decent FE!
  3. Guys, I'm amid one of the biggest dilemmas in my life. I'm unable to decide between Polo GT TSI and the Polo GT TDI. Here are my struggling thoughts: Had a Test drive on the GT TSI and the auto DSG gearbox is absolutely delightful and fun to drive, but worried about the sub-par 12-13 city petrol consumption ! Had a Test drive on the regular Polo 1.2 diesel (not the GT TDI) and while the engine is decent, I didn't quite feel it amazing when compared to GT TSI. (Even the I20 1.4 diesel felt much smoother). Now my question is will the GT TDI, with it's much advanced 1.6 diesel engine (the one in the Vento 1.6 diesel model), be significantly better than the 1.2 diesel variant and comparable to the GT TSI's performance and fun? If Yes, then I can stick to GT TDI, as I'm a bit concerned about the fuel efficiency as well. If No, then TSI is the one for me. If anyone has driving experience on the Vento or Polo in general, please help me to decide !