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  1. Best 'car' suited for Indian family user . This is not an MPV it's a completely new segment .It has all the goodies like big mileage and small external size of a small car and at the same time has big space inside like a MPV. It comes with a great pricing too. From the car like MPVs Indians can now get a car for seven .
  2. Like all small cars Nano too was not selling well in the initial period but the numbers are steady and increasing. Diesel will make it to the top.By 2014 some crash test has to be passed by Indian cars too, Alto won't be able to pass that test but a Nano can. It automatically makes Nano the only option. Tata has always improved on the second generation the new 3 cylinder petrol and the Dicor will take care of refinement and mileage problems. Please don't make silly claims that Alto gives 20km/l in city, we too live in India and have seen and used too many Altos.
  3. @ creativebala Nano is consistently doing good numbers, much more than you think.Last months figures is very close to 10,000. This new Nano will surely be India's number one selling car for sure. Even the present version might do that once the diesel engine comes in. Tata's petrol engines are not bad either, in certain areas they better than some Koreans, especially mileage. There is no new 800 it's a 600cc car at Alto price,Eon is priced too high for what it offers but this will be the main opposition and UP is not in this segment it comes in an i10+ category and it's not coming to India.But who got the guts to challenge when you offer a car with 40km/l millage on diesel.
  4. Tata's have finally got it right . The next generation Nano is here. Tata is ready to unveil their almost production ready concept of the pixel in Geneva . This car will surely rewrite Tata's history in India,I'm damn sure, even if it's double the price of the first gen Nano . More details and picture on Autocar India website. Crazy Doc2012-03-05 19:02:39
  5. This year's Auto Expo is a flop show because there weren't any car launched in the small car segment .Ertiga,Duster and Eco Sport seems to be the stars but since we have seen either spy shots or renderings of these several times before they didn't seem new at all.They were all over exposed .Only surprises were from the two wheeler companies.
  6. "And if the Bajaj RE60 does not start, just tilt it and kick it. It might start..Hamara Bajaj"
  7. Will they give Khaki uniform and electric meters as standard accessories.
  8. What's there to see except Ecosport,which itself is going to be overpriced. There are no new affordable new car launches this time .
  9. @Merc Hatter Anyone with a little common sense and a little knowledge about the basics of physics won't have believed in these claims.Looks like you lack both of these, tomorrow your friend may crash a Ferrari into a freight train and you will bring up the same *****ic arguments. When money,arrogance and foolishness comes together these sort of things happens.
  10. @sb alto Do you really think that a sensor and curtain airbags would have saved this guy ? Any car in world will not survive this sort of an accident. If you are looking for real safety build roll cages like those found on rally cars, no airbag or sensor can save you once something as big as a truck slams into the drivers cabin from the top or through the pillars. Even if this car had a thousand sensors and airbags the outcome would not have been different. RIP
  11. I have read about this incident some other forums also,This is not the fault of Merc . In the case of direct collision of the A,B or C pillars of any cars other than some armored cars with a truck or something similar, this is bound to happen.
  12. Last time there were a lot of affordable hatches, but this time there won't be any mass market cars other than the maruti's new Alto.The auto expo is going to be a bit boring event this time around. Ford EcoSport will be the big launch,but I'm sure it's going to be priced above the Fiesta sedan which itself is too pricey. Maruti Ertiga might be the only sensibly priced car to be launched. BharatBenz Trucks might be another highlight of the show. Car that should have come to the show is the Mini Xylo (wonder how this thing with a short wheel base and tall stance perform on road though) and the new Pulsar also will be missed. Only thing that can make this show as exciting as before is a diesel Nano at an attractive price or some secret new small hatch from Tata,there was discussions about something in between Nano and Indica (Tata Dolphin).Crazy Doc2011-12-22 16:07:17
  13. All these features were available since september.
  14. @vr.46 Mahindra is not a trust worthy partner at all but I doubt Yamaha will fall into their trap.Yamaha doesn't need such alliances,just some good products in the gearless scooter and 125cc bike market will do wonders for the company.
  15. @Tsi vipul You may like cars with turbo lag,under powered engines and boat like handling but that does not make them good cars. Most people who are knowledgeable about cars don't like these sort of things.But to you these may be things that makes a great car. I may not be a great driver like you but I'm certainly not foolish enough to argue with a person who spents 15Lks on some ......... so don't expect me to reply to your illogical comments of yours from here on.