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  1. I10 is too overpriced,it's in Figo diesel territory considering today's fuel price I won't recommend that,Beat is a good vfm product
  2. It's too girlish for a pickup and white interiors. But the back side is understandable compromise,they wanted a flat loading tray even Hilux have versions like this
  3. Looks good except for the rear door window,this will be surely priced above alto.But there could be a no ac,power steering model priced just below the alto.
  4. Nano is not a car for a booming economy where daily wage earners get rs.450/day(kerala) but every boom will come down some day.10 years from now we may drive some derivative of Nano, What will happen if Israel attacks Iran tomorrow,nothing is impossible.
  5. Wish you all a very happy new year,may god bless you all with new cars and cheap fuel I will quit smoking from tomorrow wish me luck But I know that a smoker never quits he just waits
  6. Rule no. 1 : Cheapest model should always look bad
  7. @abhpom4u Congrats,have a great ride.
  8. Vitz is just another ugly design from Toyota when compared to it's competitors Liva is an Echo sedan from 2000 with it's boot cut of,no safety and quality. Though Figo is an old model too but it's not as old as this crap Tees Mar Khan and Etios are similar in hype and expectations,one lived for one day and the other will die down in a year
  9. Only car exiting car in 2011,It does look great except for that door lever and the break in it's curves below A-pillar.but will I buy an Indian car priced at 12-16, at least for the next five years noooooooo
  10. This could be better than Eeco,this is being sold in many countries in big numbers. Chinese companies makes more cars than Indian companies and they have good export market too,Indian's haven't done anything abroad significantly,may be just a couple of thousand cars here and there.Chinese cars are not world class like Etios but they are the next Koreans.In 15years time they will be in abetter position than Indians.
  11. They won't be able to sell a single piece of this sh*t in any matured market,this car is soo bad that even pakis won't buy this,but in India I won't be surprised if it wins some car of the year awards.
  12. THE only thing positive in that car is the Toyota badge,the booking figures even without seeing the car shows peoples faith in that company. This will lead other manufactures bring in outdated models like this and Figo,but Figo is much better than this The base models of this car lacks even the basic features Tata Indica and Nano had such big initial buzz I hope this to end like that No one can make a high quality car at low price and once the illusion of Toyota quality dies down sales will come down,Diesel engine and taxi market will keep this car as a top seller in India but you guys will never see me driving around in this Crapios Toyota said they wanted to sell 70000 of these in the first year but after 10000 bookings they say 10 months waiting period.
  13. @ abhpom4u U won't regret your decision regarding Teflon,just normal polishing or waxing will do. Make sure to learn how to bring the vipers to service position,otherwise u will end up scratching the bonnet.
  14. @Durago Dude is it a coincidence that u own a 11year old Hyundai and it is the best company in the world,everyone have feelings for their brands but that does not mean bad mouthing other companies.Don't hijack this thread with ur Hyundaism
  15. The new TV ad is awesome , but Tata should have added it's real price in the ad to change the one lack tag. Radia should be asked to burn one or two i10's and Alto's every other day and ask our paid news makers to cover it live.
  16. Hyundai's are far more reliable and easy to maintain than a Skoda or vw @ Durago Dude maintaining a CBU or CKD will always be more expensive than a made in India car,Polo and Fabia have high local contents their spare prices are at par or lower than i20,they don't rattle like i20 from day two,there are many other problems with i20 like ac,underpowered engine etc,but Indian customers have herd like mentality so it sells but that doesn't make it better than VW. Taking TD of Sonata which sells in single digits and owning one is two different things,availablity, price of spares and ASS of Sonata is different from i10 and what about resle value Take a TD of Laura TSI and see the difference.
  17. Stay away from those coatings that will result in whitening of the plastics.I have experienced this on my bike due to Teflon coating,On team bhp a guy have experienced the same on his Polo.Just use normal polish no coatings other than underbody coatings.or if u still want it make sure they don't do it on plastic parts even on metal parts they start peelings in couple of months but the entire thing won't go some patches remain.This things happen either because they don't use real Teflon or Teflon is not suited to our climate
  18. Maruti and Hyundai is like your wife dependable and reliable, VW and Skoda is like the 'paramour' who demands lot but doesn't deliver the 'goods'. This may be true about their cars below 5 lakhs.Every high end car has it's share of complications.If Maruti and Hyundai are so good how come their high end cars are not selling well.Maruti is vfm but Hyundai's are overpriced and as unreliable as any other cars.
  19. Even taxi owners won't buy non ps model.The low end model is a marketing gimmick to attract customers.But if their claims on bookings are correct then it shows the blind faith and ignorance of Indian car buyers but after few months of ownership they will realize their mistake,this car is no better than a Nano
  20. Though the waiting period is a bit too long the cars are really world class apart from the engines.I never heard any complaints about ASS [polo,vento]and spare prices are also not expensive but accessories are expensive.No car is perfect you either get a rattling tin car or a well build not so reliable car {i haven't heard any major troubles with polo or vento}
  21. Etios have lots of similarities with Toyota small sedans of the last two decades,side profile looks like an old vios 2003,it had similar central console also.I think this car is something similar to d Figo an old platform .How did the car fair in the crash test,if any were conducted.
  22. Post deleted: Duplicate post. BornFree2010-11-26 04:33:39
  23. .This 900kg Nano sedan won't survive Indian roads.Toyota itself says it is not built with international quality standards.This crapios may sell initially due to the Toyota badge but this will ruin the companies reputation in the long run