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  1. @creativebala New Swift got more than 1lk booking because your definition of good car and that of others is different. Etios build quality is too good that people have wear raincoats to drive it in monsoon season.
  2. @creativebala Most people buying cars are influenced by family and friends not auto journalists. Most of the auto magazines in India are biased as they are dependent on advertisement income from auto companies so no use with them either.Watch Overdrive show,they are hell bent on promoting Toyotas.Sirish Chandran have stooped to such a level that he claims Etios have the best build quality in it's segment. Other source of information is Forum's like TeamBHP and ours.Our forum don't have much participation and don't get much viewers. TeamBhp,owned by a crook called Rush Parekh on the other hand have created a big aura of being impartial.Actually it is not as good as it looks from outside.It has a lot of PR guys as it's members and they advertise in form of good reviews and give negative feed backs about rival companies.
  3. Success of a car depends mainly on 1.price 2.brand value 3.success of previous models of the company,etc i20 came at a time when Santro owners were looking for an upgrade while previous Fiat owners had only bad memories.i10 and i20 are successful only due the goodwill earned by Santro.But both these cars don't give similar levels of satisfaction of that of a Santro and that will affect Hyundai's future sales.
  4. @sanjithchandran gujarat is worse in the case of labour unrest.It's ploy by the management to threaten the workers,but the contract workers who are 80% of the work force don't have anything to lose.Unfair labour practices will have it's repercussions irespective of the location.Crazy Doc2011-10-19 15:46:51
  5. Good to hear from you after a long while,you have one of the most detailed ownership threads in this forum.I'm waiting for the 1.4/5D Polo,will wait till Autoexpo.Only other option is the new swift but i'm not very keen on it and i don't like waiting for ever.
  6. Every stock market channels and news papers shows only one side of the problem.What's actually happening is the exploitation of the workers and this was bound to happen.These sort of strikes will increase once the growth slows down.
  7. I want to correct what I said earlier,the contract workers who constitute most of the workers in all our private sector companies are getting exploited,I support their strike.
  8. @ darshan I think you can get the Jetta head unit in it.
  9. @vr.46 Problems in Maruti could be the handy work of some competitors,most likely Hyundai. I strongly believe Nano fire is also similar work done by competitors.It costs much less to burn a Nano than giving a full page advertisement in a local daily. Maruti's domination coming down is actually a good thing.It is so sad to see good cars from Fiat getting poor reception while Maruti's not so good cars have a huge waiting period.
  10. Congrats on your car,I think you just missed vento upgrade I think it comes with steering controls now.12-13 is a bit low for Vento,but will improve after the first service.
  11. @ sb alto 1.You should take a TD of both Eon and Wagon R to see the difference in space and refinement. 2.I don't think people would spent 3lk for a non a/c no ps model 3.TD Eon ASP and then comment on refinement . 5.People buy maruti because it is cheap to buy and cheap to own. 6.considering it's equipment level it should be atleast 20k less. @Durago Dude I usually don't TD cars unless I'm in need of one,but I have had a brief TD of Eon .My friend is looking for a car in the range of 4-5 lk and I went with him.In my opinion this car doesn't have the refinement of the K series nor the cheap maintenance costs of an Alto.
  12. 1. What is more important Refinement + Space or good quality plastics ? 2. Will you buy a car without a/c and power steering ? 3. Why is hyundai's new generation car not as refined as decades old competitors ? 4. Does anyone trust hyundai's claimed mileage figures ? 5. How much is the difference in spare parts and service cost between Alto and Eon ? 6. Have you compared the prices of Alto,Wag.R,Zen,Beat etc with that of Eon ? [Prices of non a/c no power steering models should be excluded because these are not relevant in the market ]. @DD Today's Wagon R is an all new model which was introduced in 2008 in Japan and it's engine is a modern K series engine. Eon's engine and gearbox is as unrefined as that of a diesel auto.Crazy Doc2011-10-15 14:38:42
  13. @Durago Dude Do you really think anyone will buy a car without a/c and power steering these days. Just wait for the initial frenzy to settle down,3/4 months later we will know who the real winner is. Price of Eon's power steering+a/c+front power window model is close to that of Wagon R's (you may call that as a dud or inferior product),several other models including santro,beat,zen,etc come in this price range.Eon does not match the refinement levels of these cars and the top end is close to Brio and i10. Market may prove me wrong in my assumptions but all these cars including Santro was available in this price range for years but nothing could match Alto's sales . People are looking for value not cheap cars,this car ain't cheap for the features it offer.It does not have much to offer under those good looking plastics.
  14. Since it's priced on par with other better equipped 1.1 and 1.2 cars every prospective buyer would compare them and Eon will come out as a loser after the initial hoopla is over .
  15. @Durago Dude In today's world 30k is not much a difference to stop you from not buying a straight H,given hyundai's service cost record,Brio will be more pocket friendly. Even if a customer does not want to stretch to Brio then Zen begins from 2.9 and Wagon R is there from 3.47.Hyundai have been asking for a premium since i10 but this time I don't think they will be able to get away with it easily, 5-7k will be possible but that too will be at the cost of -2k from Santro.Just wait till next Auto expo Maruti will show how to make VFM cars for the masses.Crazy Doc2011-10-13 15:20:57
  16. To me 3.11 is the base price,that is very close to the price projected by some hyundai loyalists for the top end.The top end version at 3.70 is just 50k lower than the new Swift and hyundai calls this introductory price. Does hyundai know the price tag of the Brio ? Some people were talking about the end of Maruti now it is time for starting a thread about hyundai's end.Who are they trying to fool,even Toyota could not get away with etios.This marks the end of hyundai's dream run in India.Alto competitor at price of Brio LOL.
  17. Eon as expected is priced a bit too high,India may be the only country were Hyundai charges premium for it's low quality cars covered with fluidic plastics.The best name for this car is EGO,Hyundai India has too much of that.There may be some ***** who may pay premium for the design and plastics but for me this just another reason to hate Hyundai. Crazy Doc2011-10-13 08:46:04
  18. What Tata needs is a Tall boy hatch with diesel engine for the price of Beat petrol.
  19. Scorpio's clutch in some models had problems even before 10k kms now mahindra have dual mass flywheel in 500.It is more prone to problems,most of the bigger companies are not able to make reliable dual mass flywheels.With the high torque engine this dual mass flywheel is going to trouble XUV sooner or later.
  20. Wish we had something even half as good as TG in India.Here we have only plain jane reviews .Only exciting development in last few years is Overdrive show reviews done by that tall monkey OT :durago dude,I have sent you a pm please checkCrazy Doc2011-10-11 18:17:53
  21. Congrats on your car and welcome to the forum.Hard to find a Tata fan these days.Figo is indeed a great vfm car a hope you would enjoy a lot. I don't mind seeing a couple of pictures of your car.
  22. These problems always existed,India's work culture is different.These manufactures are here because we have a big market,they are not doing us any favor by being here. They are not willing to give even a quarter of money paid to the workers in developed countries to Indian workers so these sort of things will happen.Singur is a different matter all together. Crazy Doc2011-10-09 03:58:10
  23. @Amir Don't know whether it is possible to check the alignment of Hotwheels toy Range Rover of yours,better check with your toy shop owner. @sarabjit I'm sure this guy is a fake.I bet he will never be able post a video of this rattling steering.
  24. The title of this thread is wrong,this is a Santro rival not a threat to Alto,yes there may be a non a/c,ps model priced close to Alto but that's not going to sell.Hyundai like Honda have become arrogant and I don't think they are going to price it close to Alto.