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  1. Some time back there was a news about a small car being developed which sits between nano and indica,the dolphin project.If they manage to bring in an i10 sized diesel car for the price of a Wagon R then all these bashing will come to an end.
  2. Both are good and there is hardly any difference between them.Yamaha FZ series and the Apache are worth a look.Apache is the best bike in the segment if you are a short person and FZ if you ride only short distances and fuel efficiency is not a problem.I personally like the FZ.
  3. Hope Apple and it's over hyped products die with him.
  4. One thing most people hate about XUV is the lack of boot space but I think it is a very good thing,lack of it will deter taxiwalas from buying it .Well the interiors are not great but it's not bad either.I just love this thing but a big boot like that of the Aria would make it more attractive,but then this will catch a lot of taxi guys,that's the last thing I want.
  5. ARAI is just another corrupt government agency and hyundai's claims always seems to be multiplied by 2.All they have is a nice looking interiors everything else is inferior to marutisCrazy Doc2011-10-05 04:00:26
  6. Polo 1.4 Diesel,I just love the Polo only thing missing is a more powerful diesel,that's what i'm waiting for . But what I love the most right now is the XUV 500 though there is no need for a big suv for me and parking even small cars in towns have become a nightmare.
  7. @abhineet Isn't 3.8L for a 800cc a bit too much.I think u should stretch a bit and get a Beat or Wagon R.
  8. I think it has reached all showrooms,saw a couple of them today.It looks like a small i10 from a distance.It slightly smaller than a Santro but the quality is better,the rear lights are not that bad in person.Prices are more likely to be disappointing.This is going to be the replacement for santro and the prices are going to be more or less the same but that's a bit too much for an 800cc mini car.Crazy Doc2011-10-03 08:03:01
  9. XUV 500 won't spare anyone including the toyotas,the facelifted innova is even more vanish that will create a lot of problem for them, but mnm's production capacity is very small so others should not be worried for the moment . Already bookings have crossed 8500 in the first day itself that too from just 4 cities .No other cars in the 10+L category enjoyed such a response.
  10. The low price is a clever marketing gimmick only a lucky few will get xuv at this price,but an increase of 50k or 75k is justifiable.
  11. Even if they increase prices by 50k it's still cheap.There could be another version,a lower end version with steel rims was spied many a times probably six months down the line we will see that coming to seal the fate of Aria's and the boring toyotas. Stunned by the pricing and looks Toyota's and other competitor's PR guys are working really hard on all auto forums including ours,shame on you toyota fan boys.Just saw a toyota fanboy post on another forum"fortuner is decades ahead in styling."Wonder which decade these fanboys are from.Yes the bumper is a little bit over done but show me a better looking suv in the range of 25L.Crazy Doc2011-09-29 06:50:38
  12. WOW 10.8 AND 11.95 THIS GOING TO ROCK 15 KM/L,really shocking,with all safety features and personal customer care guys to take care.I'm stunned,thank you MAHINDRA
  13. End of maruti's domination will happen in 2016 when the European safety norms get implemented in India.Alto won't survive such tests.
  14. I wanna take back what I said earlier,the bumper is good too but the bright orange color is the only problem.This is one of the best looking suvs in the world when compared to Santa fe's ,fortuner pick up's,bread boxes like LCs and the ugly Porsches.
  15. I really liked it except for the small portion under the headlight.It will look great in black.It will be a steal if priced at 11.5 or below for the base version. OT.Team bhp trying to rip off MnM for not inviting them in typical style through fake profiles.The people who are bashing MnM over there are new comers.those profiles are created either by the guy called GTO or some competitor companies. Crazy Doc2011-09-28 17:38:43
  16. It's finally revealed looks really cool . OT how to upload photos here.Crazy Doc2011-09-28 16:25:12
  17. Latest news from - seems they have gotten a detailed preview!Launch is on 7.30pm in Pune "Mahindra wants to showcase that they are capable of manufacturing a PREMIUM SEGMENT SUV. The 12.8 BILLION $ company has taken the initiative of an image revamp in the automotive sector and the further the customer centric organization is taking the pain to revamp its after sales service and customer satisfaction is the top most priority.
  18. I never waited for any other car like this before but some how I'm not expecting a good show from here on.Mahindra's were very clever in building a big fan base for this car by their clever teasers through out these years. Many a photos were posted by their PR guys on Team BHP which claims to show no partiality towards any companies and they don't accept advertisements from them.But that forum owned by a crook called GTO, is full of PR guys from different companies,Mahindra's have a lot of them in it.Tata and Skoda are having the least number of people in it .Their claims of impartiality can fool people for some time but not for ever.That forum is a good source of information due to the PR guys but the arrogant GTO and his loyal dogs won't last long.
  19. @creativebala Golf will get satisfaction only when he sees the atrocious pricing for a 800cc car,the so called competitor of Alto and may be he should look up the sales figures of the last few months of Hyundai's i10 and i20.
  20. Mahindra sub 4 meter suv is the Ssangyong XIV 1.In the CNB show last week Patankar told the XIV coming to India will be a sub 4 meter one.
  21. @Taureen You got it wrong,they are asking for the base version's ex showroom price.The base version will be very affordable but the top end all wheel drive version would be a lot more expensive than you predicted.
  22. Awesome,the best looking car below 20L,Now there are rumors about about chances of an aggressive pricing like 11L for the base model. Hope it's true,the three year wait would have some meaning then. It seems to have more lights in the cluster than a christmas tree.Lots of gizmos to play around with.
  23. In the low end segment pricing is crucial along with fuel efficiency and resale value.Hyundai off late are usually pricey and less fuel efficient(ARAI figures are from mars or some where close).A look at i10 and i20 sales figures shows that they are struggling after the recent hikes in petrol prices and interest rates,but Maruti figures are not that bad. The new 800 looks cheaper,cheaper =more sales .Maruti is safe till passing crash tests and other safety measures are made strict in India.
  24. I think the base Aria is priced lower than the top end Innova .This will be much more costlier car for sure .
  25. Anand Mahindra just now announced the date,it's coming on the 28th itself . I'm not much hopeful about the price though,most probably above Aria and much closer to Innova.