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  1. The 'New' Jazz is already on sale in the ASEAN countries,there is not much difference in it.Prices will similar to that posted below and I don't think this facelift has nothing to get excited.
  2. Families will now have another option other than Innova.This is slightly smaller than Innova but in the first set of spy pictures we can see people seated in the back seat,so it might be as spacious as an Innova,the luggage space may be compromised a bit .To me Innovan is a 4+3 seater,this can't be any worse than that.
  3. HM,Give us some time to digest VEER.By the way the stuff you guys are smoking seems to be awesome.
  4. Wonder what would have happened if this crap was done by a Tata or Mahindra.This thing looks like an 80's car,bland just got blander.The videshi fan brigade won't criticize this but watch what is going to happen when W201 (which is a million times better looking)gets launched.Even if someone say that this is awesome I won't be surprised.
  5. This is not coming to India for sure.But wait for the R15 is continuing
  6. Well looks like HM imported some good stuff directly from Afghanistan.Even college kids can make better cars.
  7. They don't even know to design a badge well .Expect their bikes to be even worse.oops sorry aren't they already crappy and under powered.
  8. UP is VW's version of tallboy hatch. Hope they bring Tsi versions here also.
  9. From the spy pictures this looks very similar to the Kia Picanto which is actually a modified Santro.Unless they are going to put a very competitive price tag this aint going to sell .People are running away from heavy petrol drinkers of Hyundai,sales of i10,i20 etc have halved compared to last year.
  10. Audi A3 is smoking hot,this and the new Merc B class are going to open a new segment in India.Hope to see the production versions of both in a couple of days in Frankfurt .Crazy Doc2011-08-09 17:20:34
  11. @Sarabjeet Aria is a rear wheel drive vehicle. Yes,W201 is going to kill Aria but W201 is more complicated so reliability might be a problem.If Tata had made like a crossover like the w201 people would not have compared it to the Innova.
  12. People looking for a 15 lac suv has no where to go other than Aria.It is a lifestyle crossover unlike a people mover like Innova.300+sales every month is not bad at all.1or 2 lack is not a big deal in this segment.
  13. Everyone wants the pricing right. They feel that just because a so and so company used to manufacture low cost cars they should make a product that is better than the Europeans and price it like Chinese. Aria's price is high and people are still buying it. So deal with it.
  14. Somebody looking to move to something like a Laura or a Corolla etc. the Aria is definitely worth taking a good look. Please check the sales figures, its doing better than a lot of cars from a lot of brands. Among SUVs/Crossovers/Soft-Roaders in th segment above the Innova but below the X1 , only the Fortuner is doing better. Whatever brand pull or track record they have, it seems not to be doing too bad at all. And this new reduced price versions will do nothing but help the sales even more.
  15. Aria is a good effort and the prices are not that bad too.But the design has let it down.Indian's won't buy Indian products at Japanese prices even if it is superior in some aspects. Resale value factor is also against Indian companies.Indian are very skeptical about Indian products unlike an American or a Japanese or even a Chinese person who take great pride in their products.
  16. Unless it is a Verito with it's boot cut off they won't be launching anything till 2015.Look at the delay in their w201 launch,it has been three years till no sign of it.
  17. Name any luxury car or anything thing above 15 lakh with a good resale value after 5 years ? All CBU's and imported cars are expensive to maintain .Audi q7 was not launched last year but still is the best seller because people who can shell out such amount on a car,won't care a sh*t about resale value.If you want resale value then buy maruti
  18. Finally it is time for launch. The launch date of w201 might get announced in a couple of days.Anand Mahindra had tweeted that if someone predicts the launch date,he will be given a fully paid tour to their chakkan plant were w201 is going to be made.This tweet was done yesterday and the answers have to be sent within 72hrs. Scorpio was launched on an august 15th,so this could be a probable date for the formal launch but the real launch may take some more time.Crazy Doc2011-07-28 04:51:28
  19. @Suycity Is it a mere coincidence that you joined this forum exactly ten minutes after Tsivipul last logged on to this site. Tsivipul/suycity himself have hinted about this drunken drive/race which was going to happen. Tsivipul/suycity was trying to get others attention so desperately that he was commenting on anything and everything, This incidence that you are talking about might be another such desperate attempt from someone who needs some care.
  20. @Suycity It is not a good thing to say at this moment but I have some doubts about the genuineness of this whole story and identities of Tsivipul and Suycity's profiles.
  21. Innovan looks bad in this avatar the current version is much better.
  22. It is evident from the spy shots that this is just a major facelift. This was the third car tata had produced after siera and estate,it is 15 years old andd no amount of botox can improve it's life.
  23. Take any review of this suv or any other sangyong cars from the net and you can see that they are in a league of their own.Just because it is owned by an Indian co. we should not start praising it. Crazy Doc2011-07-23 13:10:21
  24. Xylo was designed to be a taxi but they too are going after Innova,but the latest facelift has made it more van'ish so family buyers may migrate to w201. I won't buy a xylo but if I had to call a taxi to take more than five then I would definitely call a xylo taxi over an innova.
  25. Outlander is a good car but you should take a look at X Trail as well,it the best in the segment according to me.