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  1. @winner You are right,some moderators and super license people are very arrogant. Posting pictures and links should be made simpler. Politically motivated issues should be completely banned. Crazy Doc2011-07-21 03:03:32
  2. Just watched an interview with Pawan Goeanka in which he says that this thing is going to come before the year end only.No September launch for sure.Most probably it will happen in the next auto expo
  3. Hyundai Verna is your only option.It has got all the features,stylish looks which will not look old after a few months,very powerful engine and the most important factor is it's build quality and handling which is better than BMW.
  4. Fort was one of the few Toyota's which looked good but that's against Toyota's design policy,according to them cars have to look as bland as possible.
  5. Which is the best compact camera, my budget is 8k-15k. It should have optical image stabilizer,good optical sensor,12/+megapixel,wide angle lens,4+ optical zoom,should be fast,good battery life,should take panorama,quality pictures in low light,HD video,etc. Crazy Doc2011-07-15 09:48:42
  6. ABS in bikes is different from that of cars.Since you are looking for a sports bike R15 is the best bet,it's chassis is very much advanced from any other bikes in it's league so it handles a lot better. If you are going to use it in city traffic then don't go for sports bikes. Your budget seems to be unlimited so why don't you buy a used R15 and later go the real one the R1
  7. If you are looking for a sports bike the new R15 is the one you should go for . The only other one in that price range is CBR250 which have a lot quality problems,a Honda with quality problems and cost cuttings may sound unbelievable but go through the ownership experiences on any forum and you will know.
  8. I truly believe that Aria is superior to Inovan in many aspects but it lacks brand value.The design is a big let down,15 year old Safari is still finding buyers,if Tata had a butch looking suv or something like the w201 it would have been a great success.4x2 version will surely push the numbers to a reasonable 500+. If I was in the market for a similar product I will buy the w201 4x2,which I believe is going to be light years ahead of Inovan. But Indian market is so immature people are queuing to buy some of the worst cars of the decade just because of the badge so anything can happen.
  9. Don't understand mahindra's and tata's obsession with their family grill,they suck to the core.It's high time they ditched those grills.
  10. Someone please change the color of the mesh to black. This is not that bad looking but just a little bit over done.The bumper looks fragile and over grown.Where is the fog lamp? The LED is cheaper than after market ones. This thing may sell really well if priced properly. There is another kind of bumper also,Take a look at today's IAB video. Crazy Doc2011-07-08 13:45:14
  11. The latest spy pictures are out, this time without any camouflage at all. This thing was better looking with the camouflage. BornFree2011-07-08 18:11:21
  12. Aria is a great product but Tata motors have let it down in two areas,exterior designing and marketing,everything else is awesome.The quality is top notch,mileage,spare prices comparable to small marutis and many more to add. But they should have launched the 4x2 first to have an advantage over the W201,competing with Toyota is futile they can sell any crap and get away with it.
  13. I think the bumper is a bit overdone,the OD pictures shows clearly some weird designs below the headlights and the placement of the fog lamps also seems to be odd. This picture is taken inside some M&M facility, most probably by their marketing guys itself,they didn't give interior pics because they don't want to reveal more about the car.
  14. Now with the latest autocar pictures coming in,the only mystery remaining is the looks of the front bumper and choice of interior colors. Like Sirish(OD) now Autocar is also pointing at a low price tag than previously expected.The base model would be starting at 12lks.In that case this will be a great success. Crazy Doc2011-06-29 15:18:16
  15. Polo 1.6 is the best petrol hatch in the country today,enjoy it dude.
  16. Even Nano got more booking. I agree that in certain areas Verna is leading the others in the segment 1.worst handling 2.worst braking 3.worst stability 4.worst panel gaps 5.steering rattling 6.turbo lag 7.crappy leg room and under thigh support 8.visibility from rear 9.poor build quality 10.overpriced for a hyundai.
  17. Stricter drivers test will keep all unfit people out.But nothing is going to happen in this country
  18. I will wait for monthly figures.These are just fake figures,similar figures were given for sh*tios but monthly figures are just average. Everyone who has a little knowledge about cars know that it is not the segments best in diesel or petrol,but most people who buy cars in India are not very knowledgeable or their needs are different from auto enthusiasts. There is still room for Vento and City not all are fans of hyundai.
  19. If you want to escape from planned / forced obsolescence policy followed by all major manufacturers you have to buy Indian cars.Their product development is very slow.Electronic and phone manufacturers are leaders in this policy.Apple is a leader in forced obsolescence policy. Crazy Doc2011-06-28 16:23:29
  20. i10 is an overrated and over priced car,only good thing in it is the good looking interiors.It's mileage is very pathetic and the rattling steering and other body parts. But the major reason of my hatred towards hyundai,toyota etc is because I support underdogs .
  21. What's the difference? just different tanks and stickers.
  22. This car will ruin toyota's fan following in India.this is just a grown up Nano.
  23. Most cars struggle to reach maximum but yesterday I saw a video of a Volvo bus on it's maximum speed 140 and the driver was flipping it like a racing bike. There is not a single road in India were you can cruise above 100
  24. I would wait for Evoque or buy a Q5. Audi's and Bmw's have become too common,he should definitely wait for Evoque.
  25. This may become a big hit,but to achieve VW's goal of becoming world's biggest auto company by 2018 they may have another plan,I won't be surprised if one day suzuki's majority shares are bought by VW. VW is capable of that and they already have 20% share in it.I don't believe VW bought that shares to study how to make small cars or rebadging suzuki's as VW.There will never be a suzuki badged as VW.