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  1. Even my A- star shakes so I don't take it for long distances or outside Delhi.The problem I feel is to do with hard suspension and narrow wheelbase. Okay,thanks for the reply. So there is really nothing to worry i suppose. Anyway,will do a check up. Better safe than worry
  2. sad to hear that. By the way in which part of Trivandrum did this happen? Did you park your car in a secluded spot?
  3. Hey i wanted to know something. These days i have noticed that my astar shakes a lot from one side to the other while driving. Some say that its due to the bad roads and its just my silly feeling. But its just something thats there all the time according to me. When i brake suddenly,the shaking becomes somewhat like a rocking chair. Have any other astar owners felt the same? And one more thing,one day on a rough road i followed another astar and saw that the car in front was moving along steadily while i was literally shaking all over the place. Any reply on this would be really appreciated.
  4. I have filled 35psi on my astar and its still good enough. The ride quality has improved slightly. I am having a slight issue of my own. My astar's horn sound is getting really low these days. I have noticed that when the A/C is on the sound is too low. What could be the issue? Battery? The car was checked up by maruti nov end.
  5. Hmm...that sounds good. I think i will try the same but with one step at a time. And 14kpl is what i get with the AC on.
  6. 40psi?? Wow!! I fill 33psi everytime.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. My car went for check up 2 weeks back and they found bits of paper inside the AC SYSTEM. Yes,it was another case of rat issue. Just 3 days after rectifying the problem,the issue resurfaced again. Lets see how far it goes. And yes the rat did more damage. This time to my bike. It somehow got inside my Honda Unicorn and ate up the bike's documents . Now we all know where the bits of paper came from!!
  8. Thanks for your reply Mr. Spock!! I have called the service guys up and i think you have a point there since my car does its daily travelling in dusty n dug up roads. Anyway,will update you after they check my car.
  9. Hey I own A-Star ZXI. It has run close to 4000kms and is just over a year old. When I got back home and turned on the AC,it was making a weird noise. The noise is very audible if I put the AC to max speed. It was all normal when I got out in the morning(I travelled some 15kms before getting back). Any idea what could be wrong with it? I think its too early for the AC system to fail(correct me if I am wrong). And btw,my car has to travel through roads that have been dug up by the Govt authorities. So the car does take a beating whenever I take it out BornFree2010-12-02 08:39:09