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  1. Yes heat factor also. Thanks for the help, by the way can you tell what are the different piping systems in car like all places in car where pipes are used.
  2. So you see any future of these lines getting replaced by high end plastic materials, because I had read that there are some plastic materials, if they are used in manufacturing of pipes, they can certainly hold same and constant pressure as metals and hence can replace metals??
  3. Not in every case I think. For some applications there are rubber hoses, some use plastic like nylons also and some are metals (for brake fluid). I want to know why metals are used for brake fluid transfer, and also for clutch line covers. Note from Mod; Please use correct English & capital letters where required.BornFree2010-12-02 11:11:26
  4. Can anyone tell me what are the different kinds of pipe used in cars for fluid transfer, gases transfer and why only metals are used for their manufacturing. Thread moved. ModBornFree2010-12-02 09:35:20