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  1. Even Tucson and Terracan were CBUs but service cost of Tucson is quite reasonable. The only issue with Santa fe as a CBU is high price. Moreover, being CBU, it also attracts higher Registration tax i.e 18% as against 9% on CKD. And that brings on-road pricing to Rs. 28.5Lacs for 4wd (Navi Mumbai). And even if you still want to own it, be prepared to unending waiting period as even major dealers of Hyundai are getting allotment of just 1 Santa Fe per month.
  2. Tata Aria is excellent attempt by Tata Motors. Seeing the vehicle and its equipment, I don't feel its over-priced. In fact, its spot on and great value compared to Fortuner and Santa Fe. What is bothering me is poor quality fit and finish. Been to Fortune Cars Pvt. Ltd. for Test drive. No executive was keen to attend us. I somehow, caught 1 executive and told him that I wanted a TD of Aria. After waiting for 10 mins, I got chance to TD it. The first thing that caught my attention was one of the roof mounted storage compartment's lock was broken and its lid was hanging down. Drive was good with outstanding ride, comfortable seats and excellent visibility but bottom end was very poor. It was 'Pride' variant but executive told me that GPS, ESP and TCS are not working because software is not yet installed. Now these are the features that create positive impact on customers. How can a TD car be without software? I was allowed to drive for hardly 2 kms and that was too less for me to judge the vehicle. After the drive, while giving final look to Aria, I observed that the left side roof lining rubber strip has become loose and the car was just 350 kms old. Excellent attempt by Tata Motors, but how can someone buy a 15 lakh+ rupees vehicle with these niggling issues? No wonder, one hardly gets to see Aria on roads.
  3. Had a Test Drive of Yeti Yesterday. I must say that the car is very capable. Being compact, its so easy to maneuver in city. Being sturdy, good handler and stable its so secure to drive on highways. And to top it all, having good ride quality and decent ground clearance with standard rough road package, its so suited to our road conditions. Its quite a looker and stands apart from crowd with its unique attractive looks although it must not be having road presence of SUVs like Fortuner. I must say, Its the best all-rounder. Regarding price, I guess Yeti is priced slightly higher than expectations but not over-priced. But what I feel is it should come with features like Electric seats, Xenon Headlights and Sunroof at least in Elegance trim and DSG could be an option.