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  1. @librankur I had bought 4 years/ 60000 kms VW AMC (Rs. 34072/-)at the time of purchasing car which costed me 8.5k/year with lot of peace of mind during last 4 years. The service of VW cars is 15k kms/ 1 year whichever is ealier basis. Though my average running was 4k kms./year. It is a good option for those who actually run 15k kms. a year. People like me can better get services done on payment basis instead of an AMC. Only thing is that you must be aware about what is essential and what is not. To sum up, with my experience i can say that for VW Polo petrol cars which run around 5k-8k kms a year the service cost will be around 6k-8k a year which is good by any standard. The normal things a VW Polo Petrol needs every year is just a oil change, change of some filters like air/oil/AC and cleaning. That's it. If you don't drive in bushes, WA/WB once every 10k will be enough. This was 1st WA/WB done on my car in last 4 years. The major cost in service is oil which costs half of the total service cost @ around 1k per litre. Now the reason why i bought this AMC. At that time VW was new in Indian market and things were not so clear from a customer point of view. There was lot of badmouthing about VW all over the internet forums and overcharging by some dealers reported on this forums, when if bought the car. Hence i bought the AMC to ensure that my ownership is free of hassles. Overall i am happy with my decision of buying a VW and AMC for it. VW's are best VFM cars one can buy in India.
  2. 4rth Service Update: Work carried out: 1.Oil change 2.Oil filter 3. Fuel filter 4. Dust and Pollen filter 5. Air Filter 6. Cleaning I have paid Zero(0) since it was covered under paid AMC. Additional work : WA and WB costed me 1070/- which is my first expense in last 4 years. Alert for AMC customers: If you have a VW AMC for your vehicle, Please ensure to ask your workshop to complete its formalities before the service day to avoid any displeasure or delay in service. I had to do extra efforts due to this. Note: VW Andheri workshop is closed for maintainance/change of ownership for last 2-3 months.
  3. New Motor vehicle act will soon be a reality. A snapshot of the new law: Old vs. New Comparison. Draft New Motor Vehicle Law
  4. Congrates navneethsatheesan Polo is one car which will never look old even after 15 years. Ageless German beauty I say. Mods are beautiful. If you have pocket full of cash, there is a lot you can add more such as steering with mouted gear shifters and controls, front middle handrest and many more. Great car for the price. Once again congrates for your lovely car. This is one car i always wish to buy.
  5. 3rd Service Update: Work carried out: 1.Oil change 2.Oil filter 3. Fuel filter 4. Dust and Pollen filter 5. Air Filter 6. Brake Shoes cleaning 7. Brake Pads cleaning 8. Cleaning Total Cost is 7 k out of which 2 k is Labour . I have paid Zero(0). Overall experience is Very Good. You can call me a happy VW customer.
  6. Ford Ecosport Variant spec. sheet Source:http://indianautosbl...-variants-75496
  7. VW organises Summer check up Camp 2013 For Details please visit this link: http://www.volkswage....mmer_camp.html Another Update: Also it seems that VW India has included a free service check(General Checkup) @6 Months/7500 kms( whichever is earlier) for new cars purchased now onwards. The remaining service intervals will continue to be the same i.e. 1 year/15000 kms.. This new policy has been put in place with the launch of Polo GT TSI. This might have done on basis of customer feedback received, since Indian customers are not comfortable with a yearly first service which becomes due only on completion of 1 year/15000 kms. unlike the indian OEM who perform 3 services in the 1st year. Though as per my own experience i feel that yearly service is one of the good feature of VW Vehicle and i am very much comfortable with the interval and do not see any need of frequent services, since VW uses best quality components in their cars.
  8. The title of this news is confusing. It won't be a sub 4 meter vento instead it will be a UP/Citigo Sedan and will not have any resemblence to Polo or Vento.
  9. In my view following possibilities are there to accomodate a sub 4 meter sedan: 1. Introduction of Up and discontinuanceof Polo to accomodate this Up based sub4 meter sedan. Viability: Less likely as Polo is a popular product around the world and doing good in India being a VW. So discontinuance of Polo is least likely on VW agenda and without doing it a sub 4 meter sedan can not be accomodated under VW bedge. 2. Introduction of Citigo and Discontinuance of Fabia to accomodate a citigo based sub 4 meter sedan. Viability : Most likely to happen. Fabia is age old and not doing well in India. Itis also due for replacement. Citigo is more viable for india as the VW intentionally projecting Skoda as people product and itself as premium product since launch of Polo/Vento.Introduction of Citigo and its sedan version will keep the product line in good shape. This also is in line with the present policy of VW to promote its own brand as premium and cutting skoda to its size by various tactics, we have seen recently. What if VW chooses the option 1 ? The result may prove good for VW as Indians always prefer a cut to size sedan over a proper sized hatchback. It will also accomodates entry of Up which will pave the way of VW to gain more market share under VW bedge. What if VW chooses the option 2 ? It will bring good numbers to skoda bedge. It will also accomodate product and image revival for skoda which is not so popular due to its bad image of customer service and high cost of service. At the same time VW will be able to maintain its premium postion by keeping the Polo alive.
  10. Try a Polo Petrol base model . I think now there are offers of free insurance etc. and it will be in 5.5 lac range with discounts. You will get a tough build car with premium feel inside and out in addition to a decent boot space of 300 ltrs.
  11. Dealer may ask some minimum amount for estimation and parking charges etc.. Except that nothing is his business. Estimate may cost more than cost of new cars as if you buy a car in spares it my cost 4 times compare to a new car.
  12. What is said in speech is more of a layman's terms. I am posting here a snapshot of notification issue by GOI in this regard.It will clear all your doubts.
  13. True but Excise hike becomes effective immediately from the midnight of budget announcement. However it will not be applicable on cars billed from the factory before the midnight of 28th.
  14. Vehicle fulfilling these 3 conditions will be covered under SUV : 1. GC of 170 mm and above. 2. 1500 cc above engine capacity 3. Length of more than 4000 mm All 3 conditions need to be fulfilled.
  15. Hike will be effective from 28 February midnight.
  16. And finally the inevitable happened. To accommodate not so good looking Amaze. EXCLUSIVE! Honda stops Jazz production in India,exclusive-honda-stops-jazz-production-in-india.aspx Poor Jazz owners now they own a discontinued car. All thanks to Indian psyche. We prefer half hearted cut to size ugly looking so called sedans over beautiful and practical Super hatches.
  17. Two AMC's are available for Petrol Polo's: 1. 3 year / 45k kms. - 19900/- 2. 4 year/ 60k kms. - 34072/- I have got the 4 year AMC bought for 34072/- with translates into around 8.5k a year on maintainance. The best thing i like is VW's 1 year service interval. I can't think visiting the workshop often for service. The one with 3 year coverage and a cut short version for 2 year coverage was also offered to some customers free of charge during a specific offer period.(I was not lucky enough to buy Polo during that period.) Godwill warranty doesn't cost anything. It all depends on VW and the particular dealership/ workshop to give this benefit to you. Your dealings with them and regular service record etc. are the basis for the same. Actually some of the replacements are happening due to sourced parts such as seat frames etc. and some changes like mount change / steering campaign etc. is a proactive approach to mitigate any possible future complaint. One thing i can say with certanity that it will be difficult for a person to think about buying anything else after enjoying a german car. That's what a german car is all about.
  18. Let me explain the case to you.1. As far as service is concerned, non AMC customers will definitely have a lower cost in case they don't run much but AMC gives you all periodic replacement to accommodate a mobility guarantee till next schedule hence the cost is higher but you get a crisp car with all new essential parts on every service. 2. As far as the warranty replacements are concerned they are more of a preventive steps taken by VW India. The new mounts are hydraulic compared to earlier rubber bonded mounts preventing any kind of vibration entering the cockpit. The new seat frames are more robust and rust proof compare to earlier ones which shown sign of rust in some cars. The steering campaign was done due to the fact that a wire inside steering was getting cut in some car due to movement of steering so it has been replace with a covered wire in all cars. These things are done on all cars of a particular batch irrespective of whether customers ask for it or not except for mounts where the replacement is made only one a customer complaining about vibration or noise. I also came to know about goodwill warranty policy of VW, where one can get things replaced even after lapse of warranty/ex. warranty if he/she adheres to the OEM's regular service intervals to maintain the car. For example an amount of around 12k is mentioned on my bill as goodwill. One of my friend had to replace something in his Fabia after lapse of warranty which costed around 1.25 lacs but he had to pay only 25k and rest is taken care by goodwill warranty. It is also true that parts/replacements of costly in VW cars due to the fact that same parts are used by costlier cars like Audi etc.
  19. 2nd Service Update: Work carried out: 1.Oil change 2.Oil filter 3. Fuel filter 4. Dust and Pollen filter 5. Air Filter 6. Spark Plug 7. Brake Shoes 8. Brake Pads Total Cost is 15.5 k out of which 1.2 k is Labour . I have paid Zero(0). Warranty work carried out: 1. Front seat Frames 2. Steering campaign 3. Engine mount 4. Gearbox mount Total cost around 26 k . I have paid Zero(0) The initial issue of some charges over and above AMC is sorted out and nothing has been charged from me. Overall experience is Very Good. SA was good person with good attitude and very friendly. Insurance update: Renewed with Bajaj Allianz with 24x7 SPOT ASSISTANCE,Accidental Medical Expenses Cover,Depreciation Shield,Engine Protector for 17.5 k. Ex. RSA Update: Decided not to go for it since my Bajaj policy has 24x7 SPOT ASSISTANCE which has similar benefits.
  20. Skoda Laura is the best of the options you have given here. With its 160 bhp and bold appearance it rules the road. You can also consider Jetta TSI Trendline which will cost you around 70k less and relatively young in the market with great LED DRL's and new VW family look. Honda City is a segment lower and stand nowhere close to these cars.
  21. If you like Vento AT than definitely go for it. As far as A.S.S is concerned every manufacturer has its share of bad stories. Don't let your decision prejudiced with others' bad experience and heresay. City AT and Fiesta AT are other good options. Vento has 6 speed transmission with manual override through triptronic whereas City has 5 speed with padel shifters. Though Fiesta has dual clutch tech., but agains it lacks the interior quality(no premiumness for car of this segment) and rear looks ackward. Skoda Rapid is another choice which has all the good of Vento at a lesser price. Both Vento/ Rapid looks premium inside out with tough built quality and excellent fit and finish something no other brand offers in India.
  22. Hi Though you have a budget of 22-25 lacs, i still advise you to buy XUV5OO. Its hot and muscular. Have 6 airbags/ABS for safety and all tits and bits one want from a luxury SUV with a capasity to sit seven ocassionally. You can save 6-8 lacs,an amount enough to gift a hot hatch(i.e. Polo )to your loved once.
  23. Added/removed features on Trendline Polo 1. crome strip on front grille - Removed 2. Colour option - All colours against only Red and White 3. Ashtray in Front - Added 4. 4 Speakers -Added 5. Chrome on wheel caps and gear stick - Removed earlier Added features on Comfortline Polo 1.15 inch wheels instead of 14 inch 2.ORVM electrically adjusted 3. Non USB music system 4.Rear wiper 5.Rear Defogger 6.Remote locking 7.Opening and closing of windows using remote 8.MFD Source: Mods: Please edit the thread title to : "VW India launches updated Polo/ Vento" as all the variants received update.
  24. Here are the revised prices of Polo/Vento.