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    Search for a new car In year 2009 around October I thought of buying a new car. The search started. Chevy spark , i10 were on my mind. Then suddenly beat and figo came into picture and after extensive search I decided to buy a beat LS, which seem sufficient to cater my needs.
    As days passed we keep on searching internet forums to confirm that our decision of buying a beat is good one . Due to personal reasons the plans to buy a new car kept on hold. And then suddenly we decided to extend our budget and go for a medium size car instead of a compact one. Sedan was ruled out from the beginning because we never found it viable to have a sedan in Mumbai keeping in view the tight parking spaces and heavy traffic.
    We again started searching for cars, this time Swift vxi, i20-era and Polo TL were on mind. My budget was 5 to 5.5 Lac. So swift vxi, i20 era, and polo TL were my options. First we were about to book a swift vxi(5.3 Lac), but later found a 3 months waiting period and speculation of a new model as turn offs , I did not like the looks also. Then we considered i20 era , but found the price(5.4 Lac) for base model a little high keeping in view the equipment level and steering rattle issues in all auto forums. Then saw polo TL (5.10 Lac) with VW badge and with some good features on base model itself( tilt and telescopic steering, front power window, central locking). Went to showroom . Wife like the car at first sight. Taken a short test drive. Quality was premium. Immediately booked one on Octo. 9, 2010 with a assurance of delivery in 3rd week of Jan 11.(Note: During the decision making period I read thousands of pages all over the internet about all the cars considered by me and interviewed all my friends who own some of these.) This might be one of the biggest search I made for something.
    And the wait
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    Summer check up camp- 2012
    VW-India has introduced "Summer Checkup 2012"
    Available till May 31,2012
    1. Vent Cooling Check.
    2. Poolen filter Check.
    3. AC control Check.
    Additionally you will get
    10% discount on door visors
    10% discount on sun control film
    10% discount on navigation system
    20% discount on 3M car detailing services
    Source:Volkswagen Fans Club
    2nd Update: Mobility Max -Details updated on VW India Website.
    Volkswagen India Website