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  1. @PrancingHorse WOW! Just WOW Thanks for the great pics.You've gotten a lot of close-ups and interior shots as well. I was unable to make it to the expo this time so i'm dependant on websites and forums for the expo pics this year:(
  2. Actually the Gypsy is the second generation Suzuki Jimny which was launched in 1981 in Japan. This model shown above is the 3rd gen launched in 1998 (Yeah its already 18 years old). So it probably has very good off road properties. Not to mention it looks compact and probably has air conditioning and power steering and other basic features. Give it a good diesel engine and I think its perfect for India (for those who need off roading capabilities that is)
  3. From the looks of it both these cars seem to be just slightly extended versions of the hatchbacks. It is unlikely that the 3rd row would be very spacious. It would probably be uncomfortable like the seats in a Mahindra Quanto. It also seems to be very unsafe as the 3rd row passenger would be sitting right next to the rear door and would probably suffer in the case of a rear end accident
  4. Most Indians don't care about safety features at all. even though most cars are now available with ABS and airbags as an option, no one wants them and customers instead opt for luxuries like a music system etc The ARAI could make 2 airbags and ABS mandatory in all vehicles which would solve that problem but it would be useless for cars like the alto and eon whose body structure is too weak to offer any protecton. I think they should aim even higher and set up a crash testing facility and maybe introduce some special crash worthiness ratings like EUNCAP and publish all the results online and upload the test videos as well. I remember when EUNCAP tested indian hatchbacks and they fared poorly, it created awarenesss about hazardoys indian safety standards if for a short while On a side note, Kudos to Toyota and VW for making 2 airbags standard on the Polo and facelifted Etios models
  5. From what i can see from the brochure of the new swift the indian models don 't have the DRL's of the EU Swift and instead they have beeen replaced with a chrome strip Wonder what the reason could be? It can't be too costly since most Indian bikes and scooters have LEDs and it genuinely makes the car more attractive. I remember seeing a lot of i20 s with DRLs when the old model had that option Was very suprised when Hyundai didn't offer them on the new model If u ask me we should get the new 5 door Swift Sport
  6. I would probably go for the Maruti as i was disappionted with the Honda's evolutionary styling. The previous city was known for its daring design and the present car has just copy-pasted it. And while the maruti doesn't look too good either IMO , its still a very large car with lots of equipment and is the most fuel efficient car in India. And while the engines seem small, the car has a kerb weight of just over a ton so I don't think performance will suffer. Just hope it has good quality interiors...
  7. I think That the US companies are even worse than the Germans. The germans don t sell in high volumes, so their limited resonse is justified. However the way Ford has been treating customers with the pricing of their Fiesta and then the ecosport debacle makes me think that they are the worst. And after so many years in the Indian market, GM still does nt have a strategy. Only the beat sells well and instead of bringing the similarly styled Aveo, they gave us the chinese made Sail and Sail sedan
  8. Now the duster is not just a city car but a proper rival to the likes of the Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio, Tis should help it overtake the ecosport
  9. Actually, I think Maruti has been working on an 800cc diesel for some time now. It was supposed to be fitted in suzuki's first commercial vehicle which they have been planning to launch. However if they manage to make it refined enough for private car buyers then we could see diesel versions of the Alto and WagonR. Right now the only competition is the outdated Indica and the slow selling Beat
  10. Looks brilliant. better than both the Verna and Xcent
  11. Nice design, good interior space and a diesel engine. And this time Honda has promised good pricing too. Could be the next blockbuster after the ecosport and city And i have to say Honda is on a roll. First the new city, then jazz and then the mobilio. They may end up challenging hyundai and maruti
  12. Looks decent enough. For should launch it with the ecoboost engine and price it well otherwise it has no chance against the verna and the new city Also a strong new marketing campaign might help
  13. Attack of the electrics.... This time the Auto Expo had lots of electric as well as hybrid models although it remains to be seen whether any of these become successful (unless the Govt starts subsidizing them that is) The Honda Accord Hybrid was displayed. It had a few blue touches and slightly different styling. Should provide good competition to the Camry hybrid already on sale
  14. Thanks for the compliment And I think the GLA Class is scheduled to be launched this year around Diwali, Its a long time overdue anyway
  15. Mercedes had showcased the production version of the GLA Class and that too in a very fetching shade of red. This Crossover is expected to be launched in India this year and will compete against the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 as well as the Volvo V40 cross country Mercedes also displayed the CLA 45 AMG which is also scheduled to release in India some time before the realease of the standard cla class. It is expected to be mercedes's cheapest AMG model in India
  16. @Shashank_GTO here are a few pics of the Safari Storme Ladakh concept. It looks extremely amazing in my opinion. In fact I think Tata had the best display this time around
  17. Production version revealed at the Auto Expo and turns out to be not so ugly after all. Fiat can make anything look beautiful
  18. The new Corolla has been unveiled at the expo with the same carried over engines. However it looks great now However it would have been better if we had got the even more sportier american version
  19. New Nano displayed at the AE 2014 had power steering, revised looks, an AMT gearbox, openable boot and a larger fuel tank Thats all the faults adressed in one go. I think the Nano has finally become the car it should have been in the beginning here are a few pics
  20. Amazing Transformation by TATA. Finally we get to see the benefits of owning JLR. The interior easily seems to be top class especially compared to its rivals such as the VW Polo, Ford Figo etc. Hopefully the build quality will have improved too. And Oh! that stunning designs. TATA is sure to give Hyundai and Suzuki a run for their money now
  21. Nothing unexpected here. its no wonder that India has the worst safety record of all large nations in terms of road accidents. Indian cars are miles behind European ones in terms of body stiffness and crash worthiness. The least the indian Govt should do is to make airbags and abs compulsory in all cars
  22. Will provide competition for the best selling wagon r i guess. However it would be better if it s released as a kia and more of their cars come into India. They are all better looking versions of the already handsome hyundais. In fact cars like the Kia Forte and Kia Rio look stunning
  23. Finally. Maruti used to do the same thing once by not offering a top end zdi models on their hatches. now only meredes is left which has a lower equipped diesel a class
  24. At rs1.2 crore it doesn't have much competition in its price except for maybe the base porsche 911. All other supercar convertibles from other brands like aston, audi, maserati, ferrari etc are priced much above these. even the jaguar f type is more expensive. Probably its biggest challenge will be the porsche boxster which is much cheaper. But even that does not have a proper metal roof
  25. Looks like it will offer stiff competition to the desire and the amaze. this is turning out to be the hottest segment in the market