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  1. Hi, Thanks for comments. I have finely tunned the sound quality in my car using the built in crossover functionality from my P88RS (putting the HU in NW mode). It took 3 hours to tune it and now i got the revolving bass hitting me from front. We adjusted the Mid range and High Frequencies of the rear speakers keeping the low frequencies to zero (means the bass is only from JBL). Each and every sound from spreakers a reproduced on front even if i switch off the front speakers. This is really a great experience. Thanks again. cheers
  2. Hi, Component Speakers are Focal Access 165 A1. I'll be changing my SUB to Kicker CVR/CVX depending upon the price difference. I have a Kicker 500.1 (ZX) mono block. cheers
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes u are right that the amp is not a justice to the HU. But i believe that the speaker TS 6975 is very good when it comes to clarity. Atleast i have not heard better sound than this provided it is powered by an AMP. I am using a 4 channel amp as initially i thought of buying components along with the rest of the units. I'll change the amp in some course of time. Please suggest whether i shld go for 'Focal' or an 'ID' as i have not heard any of them in car. I have heard 'Focal' during a demo in a room and it sound good. cheers gaurav
  4. Hi, I have decided for "Focal Access" component. I believe its very clear and will full fill my requirement. Please advice if otherwise. There was a typo in my information. The amplifier model is 6300F. Sorry for that. cheers
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'll surely look into it. Till now i never felt of having a componenet speakers as the two 6975 are so clear that one can differentiate each n every instrument in music. But now i wish to have a good clear sound revolving in my car and Bass hiting us from front instead of back. I have experienced this in one demo car in which the bass was revolving from left - back - right and finally hiting us from front. There were only component speakers (TS- C720 PRS ) and one bass enclosure in the boot. But i am open to any brand. The only concern is to have a clear sound. cheers
  6. Good Afternnon. I have a honda city with the following audio equipments: HU - Pioneer P88RS Rear Speakers - Pioneer TS-6975 4 channel Amp - Pioneer 6500F JBL Bass on a mono amp. Request you all to suggest a good clear component speaker. Thanks cheers
  7. Hi, Bass tube gives a loose bass whereas an enclosure will give a tight punch. It depends on the user whether he/she likes loose/tight bass. My choice will be a good enclosure. I can say this coz i have experienced both in my Honda. Still, while buying do check both of them. cheers
  8. Hi, I just saw these 3 Subs over the net. I found Cerwin Vega Vmax12.4 good. Will go in the market to see the demo.
  9. Hi, Thanks a lot for your sugestions.really appreciate it. currently i have pioneer P88 RS HU, Pioneer 6975 rear speakers and a JBL 12" base tube. Rear speakers are running on Pioneer GM 6500F amp and base tube on other mono channel 480W amp. I love to listen clear sound instead of loud music. I am getting clean sound (each and every instrument) with 6975. But the reason i want to change the base tube is the bass spreads in my cabin. One reason for this is i have'nt done damping on roof and bottom.Other is base tube gives loose bass. Thanks, i'll definetly check the Subs suggested by SAD.
  10. Hi, Thanks for your reply. If we can increase the supply to the amp to 14.4 V then the RMS rating of this amp will be around 550W. I want an awesome punch from my Sub that is the reason i chose them. Although this will be kept in Boot where some amount of bass dies. Please suggest an appropriate amplifier that can run any 1 of these. I am also reading about few of them but i dont have the in dept market study/performance of mono amps. One amp that i can think of is Kicker 1.750. But again, i have not seen its performance. Please suggest.
  11. Hi, You can use Pioneer Reference Series TS C720PRS or TS C520PRS which ever fits in your door. They are good. Yes you have to put them on your AMP. But again check the compatibilty with your amp (whether it will support) them. cheers
  12. Hi, I just came to know that the amp MRD-M501 (Alpine made) can drive all the above mentioned Subs... Please advise or suggest a best combination. Thanks.
  13. Hi, i was planning to buy a mono block for my Honda City. i have 3 options for Subs that i'll buy: Pioneer TS-W3001 Kicker CVX 12 Kicker L5 12 (all in enclosure) Please suggest one of the above 3 options and a powerfull amp to drive the same. thanks
  14. Hi, Why do you need it outside? I mean the real effects should be inside. But u can check the RMS rating of ur mono block and ur SUB. Also check the gain in ur mono amp.
  15. Bass is coming but if the mouth of the tube is in the cabin then the bass effect will be awesome. I checked it in my cousins scorpio. So, was wondering if there is a way to place tube accordingly. One way is cut the top (between the speakers) with a 6" hole. This way, the bass will come in the cabin. but i am searching for another way round. thanks for replying.