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  1. could you advise at what rpm should the gear ideally be shifted up or down, respectively, for maximizing fuel efficiency and minimize clutch wear
  2. hi mallu4x4, what's the deal about the FOC enhancements/extras - how did u manage them. am planning a V-MT version. would be glad to get some extras FOC
  3. got a load of info on wikipedia & wikiHow. MT machines seem more suitable for indian conditions and, as durango says, it spoils driving habits. plus its 60G dearer over the v-mt version. its FE is marginally lesser because of the xtra laden weight (~ 55 kg) and the energy needs of the AT hydraulics
  4. thanks sanjay (sgiitk). am totally unfamiliar with AT - like is it ok for city driving, that too kanpur where am located. the honda dealer (pushp honda) said it doesnt sell and its resale value is low. am told its mileage too's poorer compared to MT version
  5. whats GC bala. and yes rahul, i did get the city/sx4 variants mixed up. dekkoed the etios vs Dzire utube vid; etios looks like the logan rearside and the internal fittings aint upto the mark it seems. toyota will definitely improve in future, but surely cant wait. sx4 seems too 'bulky' for me what with its huge tires, high/massive rearend. city seems to have got everything going for it in its segment - engine, looks, performance, power (power-to-weight ratio vis-a-vis its engine capacity). the sx4 with its few extra bells n whistles dont match up. havent considered the vw vento, manjoshi, as its new and no idea of vw's india future. city's of course a proven machine. thanks all you guys for end-user inputs - have decided to go in for the city v-mt
  6. I want to upgrade from my santro to a sub-10 lac sedan. narrowed down to Honda City zxi-mt and Sx4 v-mt. drive mostly in-city (occasional long inter-city) as evidenced by just above 35000+ km yet in my 1999 santro. I feel city is a better deal though 1 lac costlier than the sx4. what's the forum's advice? Thread moved-Mod.BornFree2010-12-11 09:13:34