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  1. NEEDED ATV tyres and long travel suspension

    theres powersport atv .he will provide you the tyres for sure. http://www.powersport.net.in/
  2. Which luxury SUV i should buy...?

    go for the prado,you will get a tension free car with comparatively cheaper spares,good service and hassle free ownership because its a toyota!
  3. got my santa fe one week back and its only been smiles atleast till now. we took delivery from kothari hyundai pune for about 29.5 lakhs on road. tha car is black and the first in pune. it is a CBU from korea. so why santa fe? captiva: never liked that car nor the brand so didnt consider it. X-TRAIL: overpriced and small.more like a hatchback type looks. CRV: again a strong competitor but very low on the features and too common. OUTLANDER: again never considered. But we never wanted an suv, we also took test drives of the accord 3.5,mercedes c class,nissan teana and bmw 3 series corporate. None had the wow factor personally. So then came the santa fe. dads friends told him that this was a good car and had high sales abroad. did some research and booked it without a test drive! it came in one month. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: very rare at least now. truly a head turner. 200hp makes it fun to drive. sedan like handling and safety features. comfortable seats. quite good third row. lots of features. ACCESSORIES: Installed a reverse camera. rear seat lcds kenwood woofer. jbl amp and kenwood box. teflon coating. v kool filming. steering leather wrap. so the car is overall good. little over priced but makes sense to invest a little more and buy the better. REGARDS YASH
  4. 200kms with the santa fe

    small prob.i dunno how 2 upload pics!
  5. Gautam Singhania's Ferrari 458

    now thats a car..he surely needs some colour sense!
  6. Confused: Civic or Laura TSI ?

    i own a skoda rs and believe me the car is a very difficult to maintain. the car is great in all aspects no problems at all but the servicing and spares are a bomb.
  7. Confused: Civic or Laura TSI ?

    why dont you consider the altis?

    and how much is it for?

    100bhp baleno..?! are you serious.!

    so which cars do you have on sale now?
  11. 200kms with the santa fe

    no we never had a waiting for the fortuner, we were getting it in 2-3 weeks but we found it too huge and not very luxurious.also our main use was on road. it is the 4x4 version.
  12. introducing myself..

    so im yash.a 16 year old racer and stunter. i (mean my dad) own a santa fe(1st in india),skoda rs,swift dzire,ford ikon,santo(old 1st version),honda aviator and a kinetic.
  13. introducing myself..

    thank you all
  14. city vs sx4: which one

    city any day. honda may not have features but you cant beat the quality of their engines ane the overall car build. regards yash
  15. introducing myself..

    yeah i know. and thanks