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  1. though Etios seems pretty good package but i cant just stand their center-mounted instrument console. I still love it speed meter and all in traditional way, in front of steering. but its just my personal preference. other wise etios is really a good car and its from Toyota which is very reliable. take care Priyesh
  2. Hi Karthick, sorry for being MIA, but really had big time internet problem. though still having it, but now i am having internet through my phone. nevermind enough of my stories. i think i will wait i20 vtvt or swift new model. these are the only two i can think of at the moment. and thanks for summing up all the post Priyesh
  3. well fiat A.S.S does realy hurt. if one buys fiat, he has to just hope not to see service center for at least 2-3 years and any major works. but they do have some good cars. wish if they can work on their A.S.S.
  4. i wont say anythign about polo, but for other cars, beat is no way can compete with swift. gm reputation will haunt it a lot. also swift comes more like a premium hatch compared to bet. figo might be great car and have best vfm, but looking at feature, it doesnt even have rear seats power windows. for fabia. it was my sweat heart for years. i love that car. personally i find it looks to be best. it say i am one of the most premium car. but in the new fabia version they really stripped it down. i remember its top model used to have reverse parking sensors, sunroof, maybe climate control and etc. and it hurts to car image. they should have given at least climate control though somehow i dont wanna own maruti too much, as swift is really age old car now, but if going be all reviews, swift is the best driver's car in the segment. take care
  5. i totally agree with you. so looking forward to see new i20 to be launched but somehow hyundai are trying to cash as much as they can with old model. they are just not announcing it
  6. hi thanks for the advice. i am not considering beat. its really cute and good looking but something tells me to stay away for GM
  7. thanks for the advice. i am still looking for news when new swift or i20 would be offered. and other thing i wonder is should i go i20 or i10 vtvt, if i have to buy in hurry. maybe i will just have a testdrive of all
  8. Punto is definitely a good car, but still in some reviews are questions about it and again i will have to think about it A.S.S. but if any can i think of after i20 and swift, then it would be punto for sure and somehow vista is not on list. thanks a lot for the advice. Priyesh
  9. ok i admit that after reading the heading everyone say this question has been asked many times and to look for previous post. But then i think everyone has different taste and is looking for different things from car(some go for looks, some for milage, some for power, etc). I have been trying to go through many different website to compare different cars but I am still confuse. what i am looking from a car it basically being feature rich. for looks i find almost all cars fine though my personal favorite would be fabia, but in the new fabia they have removed so many features(like climate control) that were earlier present so directly removing from my list. Can someone please help me in this question that which car in one of the most feature packed car currently present in indian market. since i am talking about cars with more feature that means i can only look top version of all hatchback (not interested in base model saden car ). i am looking for a petrol car(as fully loaded diesel car would be out of reach for me), can stretch budget a bit like for i20 asta with avn which 6.3 lacs (6.3 would be my maximum stretch). i like to emphasize on safety features but i guess top model of all cars have all safety features so cant differentiate on that basis. milage, power, low running cost and handling , well like everyone else i would like to see them too. but it the end quesions ends upto which is most feature packed car present in market near 6 lacs. sorry if it all sounds confusing. thanks, Priyesh