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  1. If punture in tubeless is on sidewalls or curvershape it cannot be rectified.. the only solution in you have to include tube in the tyre and also to fix the patch in tyre.. 90-95 % vehicles of MSIL comes with JK tyres.. Now a days Bridgestone is leading the market and it also cost a little more than other brands..
  2. I have tubeless tyres in my Swift.. I got first puncture after 3500km, but as it was a big nail in my tyre, so it was unrepairable.. Finally I converted the tyre from tubeless to tyre with tube. The tyre puncutre was repaired in Rs.605/-(405 cost of MRF tyre and 200 for filling patche of tyre).. I don't which is good but the cost of first puncture was very high..