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  1. I want to change the front shocker of my BMW 325i due to leakage issue. Should i go for the OE stock or Bilstein B6 ( set of 4, front and rear) is a better option. Also, will this effect the ground clearance and ride quality. Please advise. Thanks. Aakash
  2. Hi, I have just upgraded speakers in my XUV500. In front its component and for rear its coaxial (both are of Digital Design) with an amp. 4 channel, 800watts (Bull). I am facing a problem from the day one, when ever i am about to receive or make a call there is a noise disturbance and when the call is in process the disturbance is gone. Same is the case when receiving and sending SMS. All the wiring and RC cables are of high quality and has been checked again by the concern person but the problem is still there. The noise is still there when the stereo is in Off mode and ignition switch is in on position (car is in running or in stationary position). Kindly advise to solve this issue. Thanks. Aakash
  3. Hi, Go for XUV 500 W8. I my self was confused between the two but finally i have opted for XUV 500 W8 AWD. All the minor/major issues were sorted out in XUV manufactured after oct'2012 models. Drive it for few KM and i am sure you will fall in love with this Cheetah. Aakash.
  4. Thanks CarCrazy. But i have heard that there are some quality issue in XUV specially in Breaks.
  5. Also advise on VW Jetta AT or Skoda Laura AT .
  6. Hi Friends, I want to buy a new SUV, but confused between Duster, XUV500 and Safari Storm. Please advise. Aakash
  7. HI Friends, I own a Honda Civic 2007, MT. I am facing a regular problem of RPM fluctuation with the AC is on. When ever i stop at red light or slow down in traffic, the RPM fall down below 500 and Ac gets trip. Moreover the engine take load more than normal with AC on as compared to other cars. There is issue with AC turn off, the pick up is amazing, no feel of engine taking load. everything seems to be great till AC is switched on. the company service stations are helpless and have no solution for this, as they find it to be normal. Please advice to get this problem solve.
  8. Hi Friends, Any news for an AT 4WD version?
  9. hi, I din't know about DRL at that time. And yes DRL is the ring of headlights.
  10. HI Punk, Sadly its out of warranty. But this is sure, this time i will not make them sit until they solve the issue.
  11. Hi Rssh, As i mentioned in last post, all system and part in fine. I think there must be some softwear issue only. I have requested them to install the latest softewar. But i guess they might charge for that.
  12. Hi, All the lights are functioning well and has no issue. Only DRL is an issue. But point noted. Thanks.
  13. Hi friends, Day time running light is not working on my BMW 325i, 2009 model from day one. Even the workshop guys are not able to solve this problem. They have updated the softwear also, but they problem is still there. Please advise. Aakash
  14. Sure Sir. Right now the part is not available at the service center, will update you as the thing gets done.
  15. Hi. Finally the problem has been diagnosed, there was some problem in the rack assembly. But i hope, the company should replace the same in warranty.
  16. But driving position of Scorpio is poor as compared to Aria. I think i should wait for some more time for proper ownership feedback of Aria or wait for some more SUVs to launch.
  17. Agreed. Spacer would definitely effect ride and handling. The ride may become bouncy, i have tried that in my previous car, Santro and Zen.
  18. I test drive Aria today. There is no doubt that it is better looking than Innova, but has some issues also. The aircons are placed two low and the air flow is straight to the hands. Center locking switch is missing. Music system is not upto the standard. And the plus points are: great driving view and sitting position. Good pickup. Reasonable turning radius. Capable of handling rough road with ease. But still I am not able to finalize between scorpio and Aria. Mind says Scorpio and Heart says Aria.
  19. I have already fitted 205/60/R15 in my civic. Is 205/65/R15 advisable?
  20. I have a Honda Civic, 2007, MT. It has done 68000km. I want to upgrade its suspension. Is it possible to increase the Ground Clearance by 2-3 inches. I want a little bit stiffer setup than current one, as i want better handling at high speed.
  21. I think i should wait for another 4-6 moths for Aria customer feedback. How about new 2011Tata Safari 4x4?
  22. I am confused between Tata Aria and Scorpio AT 4WD.
  23. I am planning to buy a SUV or MUVand my budget is Rs.15L. I have short listed two options. Please suggest which one is a better option.
  24. Good evening. Can you suggest any good service center in delhi, with whom i can discuss my problem. i am thinking to visit Autopsyche or Performance auto in Noida. Thread moved,BornFree2011-01-15 16:04:12
  25. I have tried that also but the problem is still like that.