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  1. Thank you ravi, great experience, Let me try that and will write here later, Can you plz say me how much cost would take do these things. So i could careful while buying oils Thanks
  2. Hi, After tried all the ways (above i mentioned), mechanic says overheating could fix by completely open the engine and rebore it(already he opened the head and checked(no issues)). But i am very hestitate to rebore the engine, since the bike is driven only 23000 kms done and i dont get any smoke problem in silencer but some noises are there in engine. Please tell me, would the engine heat arrested after i change systentic oil (mobil or shell 5w40)?. But i checked with other mechanic, he saying it will be rectified automatically by using the bike reguarly. Please suggest me which way i have to choose? please some one explain if the bike is driven very less kilometers in 8 years,(if problem exists? or this is anyother issue) Thanks in an advance
  3. Thank you bala, great reply. let me try and explain you. (would the Mobil1 or shell available in the oil shops near by woodland theatre in chennai - any idea) Thank you sgiitk, great explanation about 20w50-mmWnn. Finally come to know about the form of 20W50. Thank you people.
  4. HI Bala, Can you please specify the name of the oil. How about benzol 20w50 oil, one of Hero honda mechanic suggest it. Please reply
  5. Here, brake is not overheating, engine is overheating. please help me to get rid of this issue.
  6. Hi guys, Please help to get rid of my bike heats up. My bike HH cbz super spirint 2002 model, its driven only 23000 kms so far. The bike is driven properly, stopped many times at home as idle. The problem here is, the bike get heats up when i have driven only 2 or 3 kms(quick heat), the bike started to cook my leg when i driven about 18 kms. I have checked with my mechanic, he tried the all ways he knows as follows: I am getting milleage around 35 kmpl.Some engine noise is there, no smoke problem at all. ways are:(problem exists after tried all the ways follows) Clutch plate changed, Silencer changed, plug are fine, Oil changed three times in the gap of 300 kms, Head opened and check the piston and volve (both are fine), I have added extra massage oil with volvine and castrol 2040 oil - still same problem exits, RPM needle stays is 1000 rpm, Timing changed. When bike engine very heat, the rpm needle is not stable - moving slowly. Please help me any one on this. Thanks