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  1. Can anybody here explain what is the benefits of adding the additives to fuel & engine oil of two wheeler. I purchased HH glamour a month ago, yesterday while for 1st service of bike mechanic ask me for above mentioned additives with benefits summarised him like :- 1. Better fuel efficiency. 2. Lower friction . 3. Better life of spark plug etc.. These additives were make of BARDHAL. So is it adviasble to fill these additives for better performance or it's like using the protien for bodybuilding wthout GYM ??? If any other such products available in market just thrown light on these products.
  2. Dr. Nishu , how you are sure that this temp. no. belongs to Ambala district , even my bike have HR 99 G ... Temp. no. which I purchased from Faridabad. I think HR 99 common for all district with superseded by alphabets like HA , HQ (Kurukshetra ) & G as distinction for specific district.
  3. Now I am looking for Glamour 125cc. It's come in 4 avatars :- 1. Glamour (Drum + alloy) 2. Glamour (Disc + alloy) 3. Glamour FI (Drum + alloy) 4. Glamour FI (Disc + alloy) I choosed IInd option with disc brake , but I am not getting the required variant anywhere (NCR + North Haryana).Dealers only sell Ist & 4th variant.Even dealers does give any commitment to deliver the 2nd Variant , they said if they got 2nd varaint it's your luck.What to do in such sitaution????
  4. Till discussion ,It's seems to be that I should not go for CBZ Xtreme. Pulsar 180 is out of my budget.Then what else for me in 100cc to 150cc ?? My expectations are :- 1. Good Fuel economy with adequate power. 2. Build qaulity. 3. Long term staisfication.
  5. It's true that Honda delivers good build quality & technology. Though CB Twister & Unicorn Dazzler are different segemnts bike which one is better between these two if kept the cost aside.
  6. As I am in dilemma to decide between CBZ Xtreme & Hunk .My observations for these 150 cc are as follow. CBZ Xtreme - Proportionate body design & road presence.But confused about fuel efficeincy it deliver. Hunk - Miscombination in front & rear styling as Front looks heavier and rear gives a 100cc bike look. Any forum member have the field experience with CBZ Xtreme regarding fuel economy it deliver in city & highway, do share here. Pros & Cons of these two bikes if any one can share please suggest as It'll be helpful for me to come out at final decision.
  7. Drift Punk : Can you share the make & specifications of alloys you had in your Alto K10.
  8. Have any body information on facelift of Maruti A-Star.When we can expect the facelift of A-Star as I am going to buy it.