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  1. On 8th January,my Innova is going to be four years old.Since,on every birthday of her I get some mods for her.Here are some examples: On first birthday,new leather seat covers. On second birthday,ICE. On third birthday,full suspension transplant. On this birthday,I am planning to get a new ICE,full scratch removal,some small engine mods,a new exhaust(high flow type) and body kit upgrade to the new version(already done). Budget:Firstly it was 60k,but after new tyres,body kit upgrade 38k is left with me,now I am in a state of confusion about what to get and from where? Here are my plans: ICE-Sony Xplod full set @19700+reversing camera being installed. Front and rear bull bars,both black in color as my Innova is black. BUT I DON'T KNOW ABOUT WHICH ENGINE MODS,WHICH EXHAUST AND WHICH SYNTHETIC MOBIL OIL IS BEST FOR INNOVA? Help needed the driver2011-01-06 06:02:01
  2. Yeah,we are offroaders!! And I feel that its our duty to respect the feelings of others too,and its a fact that for me:- A GYPSY A DAY,KEEPS EVERYTHING
  3. ----------- Post deleted -------- sgiitk2011-01-06 05:44:58
  4. @Tejasmehta990 I think here you have hit the SWEET SPOT,I agree,this time Skoda is going to play safe in every term.
  5. @getmikeeboy oops,sorry friend if you feel bad for any action of mine.
  6. @Sgiitk Sir,I am just thinking,why government don't employ speed limiters in buses,and about our cars.....mmmmmmm 80kmph is just slow for highways.
  7. @Sarabjeet: You may be true,because I have not at all any idea about the real game behind the screen.
  8. @Sarabjeet Friend,you have simply dug out my ailing part,it was an year ago that I found a used Yamaha R-1 for just Rs 5 lacs,and what I got was an I-10 kappa...LOL
  9. There may be one diesel variant too,sporting a 1.6 engine,specs. as follows:- VEHICLE SUMMARY Name:Fiesta 1.6 Diesel Car Body Type:Sedan Segment:C Segment VERDICT FOR: Has very refined engine Good ride and handling Superb mileage AGAINST: Lacks styling Diesel version lacks top end performance ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement:1600cc Engine Type:Diesel Maximum Power:113bhp Maximum Torque:? DIMENSIONS Length:4282 mm Width:1686 mm Height:1444 mm OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Seating Capacity:5 Steering:Tilt Brakes:Front Disk, Rear Drum Gears:5 Manual for more details: HERE I FIND THE DIESEL PACKAGE AS MOUTH WATERING ONE.. Ford's complete line-up and future plans can be found here:-
  10. This is a fantastic news,any more details?? The pics look great,and I too have read at many places that the same version is going to be launched here in India too.IT HAS GOT A SUNROOF TOO. Here are some more details,not sure about the exact specs:- VEHICLE SUMMARY Name:New Fiesta Model:1.6 GXi Car Body Type:Sedan Segment:C Segment Top Speed:164 Fuel Consumption: Highway 17.00 kmpl,City 12.00 kmpl. Warranty:NA ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement:1596cc, 4 Cylinder, DOHC Engine Type:Petrol Maximum Power:101 Bhp @ 6500 rpm Maximum Torque:146 Nm @ 3400 rpm DIMENSIONS Length:4282 mm Width:1686 mm Height:1468 mm OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Seating Capacity:5 Tyre Size:175/65R 14 Suspension:Independent McPherson strut, Semi-independent Turning Circle:4.90 mtrs. Boot Space:430.00 ltrs. Steering:Tilt Brakes:Front Ventilated, Rear Disk Gears:5 Manual Ground Clearance:168.00 mm Kerb Weight:1150.00 kgs. Fuel Tank:45.00 For more details,go to the link:
  11. @Sarabjeet I too agree with you,there may be a 1.6 unit,but there is one doubt too,can't it may be a detuned version of the 1.8 TSi?as the above spec. sheet shows. @Rahul 1810 I am also feeling the same,a Fabia with an extended boot!! the driver2011-01-06 02:45:15
  12. @Sarabjeet My previous ownership experience of a 4X4 Safari vtt EX,made me to sell her off after just one trip of jaisalmer where I made it to run on some sand dunes,I don't like the massive body roll on offer.But its a fact that Safari is a hardcore off-roader,only problem is that GYPSY IS BETTER.
  13. @durango dude The laughing smily is representing my situation at the time I tried to start my car and it was working as before,so I thought ,the engine was feeling even more peppier at that time with me feeling the real driving thrills .Who is thinking of insurance?Those insurance guys will look at it themselves(especially when both of them are paid 3000 each-bribe,my own way of dealing) ,mine is from HDFC so its easier than those government companies. Rest I will make the chartered bus owner to pay even a single penny,he may be a goon,but then WHO IS THE BIGGER GOON THAN WE HIGHWAY CONTRACTORS?? Everyone knows this. @dineshamza: Thanks for the advice,but I strictly follow my own speed limit of 130kmph,its seldom that I do exceed it,but this time the bus drivers were faster than me(I was 70kph,but they both were about 80-90kph),and I was shocked to find that the driver on my left had ignored even the HAND INDICATOR.Its a fact that they were just racing to pick up more people,but now they both are getting some really heavy doses for that,you won't believe but even the owner of the chartered bus and an officer of Uttarakhand Transport Corp. have got some tight slaps last night for the same cause,uncontrolled driving of their men.YOU ALSO SEEMS TO BE AN EXPERIENCE HOLDER LIKE I AM. the driver2011-01-06 02:28:53
  14. One hour before came the worst news,front suspension(on left) is out of business,and all four doors and bootlid will be replaced,in short including all the expenses the Hyundai guy told me about a 50-60K expense(including the insurance claim). Now the question arises that what to do with the drivers,mainly the one of the Uttarakhand roadways bus.Already I have nicely broken both of them specially the Uttrakhand one again,but even now I am nott satisfied,I just want to make a good example to teach their complete department a lesson.But now I am also feeling like they have already got a harsh punishment.Confused!!!! Rest the drivers and the chartered bus owner will be forced to pay all the money apart the insurance claim.
  15. @gurrala74 You are right,but I am sure you have not yet took a test drive of the baby Toyota(I mean Etios). 1)I agree that there is nothing even great in the car,but then there is a perfect balance between everything. 2)Again I agree that its better to go for a Vento,Honda City,Fiesta or SX4.But then where are Swift Dzire and Indigo Manza?And how to justify that 3-4 lac price difference between these cars and if this price difference doesn't matter then why City or Vento,why not Altis or Civic or Cruze,or upgrade even to Passat. 3)Considering Fiesta is right,and its a fact that Fiesta-S simply blows away the Etios,but in the segment only handling and performance are not enough.And its a fact that Etios is blown away by fiesta in terms of handling,but performance front says something else,even acceleration and top speed both are in Etios's side. I mean Etios has a well balance of everything in its arsenal. 4)Again I agree with you,actually its the Toyota badge thats most interesting part of Etios,and its also a fact that this badge is the only part that gives us PEACE OF MIND AT OWNERSHIP.
  16. Actually I am in doubt about the original design because in the link that I have given above,a far more better looking car is displayed.
  17. Jeep thing...hmmmmmm Actually its something that even sends my heart too running,though I am Gypsy type,but its a fact that the old school design and the rugged but stylish look of a Jeep is no match.
  18. @getmikeeboy Thar for me any day,but what about that hardcore offroading that the "tough mountain goat",I mean Gypsy provides?
  19. One more: Missing side view mirror on left and hanging on right,hanging rear bumper and missing tail light on left. Miracle:All four window glasses are scratchless,though left doors are thrashed,even then the front door on left is lockable and all electronics and steering with suspension are working in a hassle free manner.
  20. Friends,sorry for bringing this thread back to life but,what I have found is that,ETIOS HAS CHANGED THE GAME. 24461 bookings till now,and a painfully long waiting period of 7 months. As we have seen in the Autocar January 2011 issue,Etios blew away the competition(here Dzire and Manza) in the road test,while nearly same is found in the real world too with Dzire's petrol version seeing a good dip in sales and same is with Manza too.
  21. This incident was faced by me just 2 hours ago. It was for some work that I had to go on the Delhi-Dun highway(NH-58),since I had only one of my friends with me,so I decided to take my I-10 with me. As I reached the highway,I started picking up speed.I was doing nearly 70 kmph that I heard two horns,as I indicated and started changing the lane,what I saw in my left side view mirror was that there was an Uttarakhand State transport bus dangerously tailgating me,and on my right hand side was a UPSRTC(Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corp.) chartered bus,so to give them side I accelerated my car and tried to take the leftmost lane with my friend giving hand indicator to the bus driver on the left side.But the shocking part of the story was that the bus driver simply ignored him and tried to overtake me from my left leaving us two people in my car trapped between two buses. Before I could do anything,I felt a very strong jerk and what happened after that was my little I-10 was like bouncing between the buses as one of those goons on my left hand side had given a strong blow on my bonnet.I applied brakes as hard as possible(thanks to ABS that car was under control),as my car was in running condition,so I firstly parked it on left and then inspected myself and my friend(we both are safe,thanks to seatbelts) and then my car:- A broken windscreen,front bumper ,both headlights,fenders,left side both doors,right side rear door and bootlid were out of place and REST IS ALL RIGHT . The bus drivers are caught fleeing and are being treated(treatment includes beating by me,police,my friends etc). the driver2011-01-05 10:04:38
  22. Here is something that can be useful,obviously if Fiat does it:- 1)New Fiat Palio SLX: 2)New Fiat Punto Evo: 3)New Fiat Uno: In my views,if Fiat just try to improve its A.S.S. that is provided by Tatas and open its own service centers extensively,then this product line-up can get them too a part of Indian auto pie.
  23. This question itself is the answer,Nano sales are always going to be NANO in front of the Alto,and surely if any miracle happens then,no comments....
  24. There is an another pic which is displayed on the autos.maxabouts website.If the same car is launched here in India,then I think after Octavia there is going to be one more segment leader from Skoda.
  25. @tejasmehta990 As a replacement to Octavia,you are right.And @9lac onwards,it may be terrific VFM too.