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  1. Wow, just found a great pic from IndiaAutosBlog, Now that's what I am talking about! DROOOL, WANT ONE!
  2. Ofcourse I haven't seen the car in flesh, just going by the photos. For it to be seen in flesh, it needs to be available! As good as freelander? I will reserve my judgements untill i see it in flesh.
  3. Nice review. As someone above said the looks are subjective. I did not like the stance at all. It almost looks like devoid of muscle, as if it were on diet It all depends on pricing though, if it's in Innova range, will sell well.
  4. ACI Exclusive: New 164PS CRUZE First Drive

    Wow, light clutch. When I TDed the car in 2011, the hard-clutch was a big deal breaker for me and that's what stopped me from buying CRUZE (their AT version was almost 16 lacs on Road and there was no test vehicle available for AT!). If reports of "light clutch" is true, it will truely be an awesome car .
  5. petrol or diesel

    I agree with rahul1810 here. Verna Petrol doesn't make sense. Instead go for City Petrol or Verna diesel whichever you decide.
  6. Hi, Here's my requirements : Whats your Budget - Rs 5-6L Kms driven monthly - 300 kms/month Bodyshell - Hatch City/Highway split - 100:00 Max No.of Passangers - 2 most of the time Boot space Importance - LowUsage by - Lady Ownership - City Safety -Medium Prime requirement - Handling/FE/Resale/Safety in that order. Softcorner'd Manufacturer -Don't care! So the questions are : 1) Petrol OR Diesel? 2) Given answer to 1 what is my best choice? Let me elaborate why I am asking Petrol or Diesel. Actually I know it doesn't make sense, but way the things are going, pretty soon it would be pretty hard to resale a Petrol car? I really want to be able to change the CAR in 5 years.
  7. Need quick help in buying my sedan..!!

    Unless you have a fixation on fuel cost/diesel, go for HONDA CITY with eyes closed. IMHO, it's best sedan as far as handling/ride quality goes for city commute. Disclaimer : This is coming from a HONDA CITY owner and I am by no means an expert.
  8. ETIOS clocks 1 lakh units: 8 more cars to follow

    @sachins : No mate I never have. So are you saying it's all vapour-ware? Again I don't own and or don't plan on owning a TOYOTA in forseeable future, but your comment is an eye-opener. BornFree2012-05-30 07:47:25
  9. ETIOS clocks 1 lakh units: 8 more cars to follow

    Yes but have you looked at kind of complains ? In the rain' date=' water sips inside the cabin! I am not even talking about any complex/mind-bending/technical issues here. That is exactly my point, it is selling just in name of TOYOTA brand at non-TOYOTA prices. But for how long ? Over-time it builds bad reputation. This is the reason I think TOYOTA should come up with same TOYOTA/LEXUS strategy here, otherwise it will hurt their reputation in future. Simple example : If you are in market for 50 lakh SUV, would you buy the one with TATA badge(assuming it has a premium model) OR with LAND ROVER/RANGE ROVER badge?
  10. ETIOS clocks 1 lakh units: 8 more cars to follow

    Whatever the sales figure, the kind of complains you can find, has made a big dent atleast in my mind to TOYOTA reputation. I think it's time to follow TOYOTA/LEXUS kind of strategy for India too.
  11. Scoop: Honda Brio Diesel in India !!

    I don't believe that. All Apple devices are built by FoxConn, but they ensure quality. Are you worried about apple devices in the same way you mentioned above? My guess is NO. If an engine passes a HONDA QA, I would think it's good enough at least in their mind. I think CITY + DIESEL will be a killer vehicle, it should cannibalize even the CRUZE along with VERNA. I would gladly sell off my 2011 CITY VMT for new HONDA diesel mill. My personal belief is HONDA is the best when it comes to handling, comfort etc.
  12. Scoop: Honda Brio Diesel in India !!

    But then there's whole debate of profitability. What do you think the profitability of an engine is than compared with a Car? I think a car might be fetching GM atleast 4-5 times more profit than just selling engines itself. Besides there's a business decision risk. What if, tomorrow Honda moves to FIAT or some other company than GM ? This is the main reason why companies don't share resources aka lack of trust...
  13. Thanks CreativeBala. You guys have really been helpful. BTW anyone knows best ICE for BEAT? In my case "BEST" means be able to play from USB and churn out decent enough sound.
  14. BTW we also won a "Panasonic Home Theater" due to some scheme that was on with Chevy in the weekend. Not that I needed one, but may be it can be counted as a discount
  15. Diesel Hatch

    If you have not already looked, give BEAT D a try. I just booked one on Sunday Ticked all the right boxes for me but your mileage may vary. For eg, I have 0% highway runs. Swift D is horribly overpriced in my opinion. Figo has maintenance issues look at Team-BHP. Nissan/Renault has real slim Service Network. So that leaves you with Ritz or BEAT if you want diesel. For petrol I would recommend BRIO for sure.
  16. So guys we went through TD of BEAT, FIGO, SWIFT, RITZ and finally BRIO. My wife liked Beat Diesel the best. @Creativebala, she didn't had any problems with visibility! And the climbs, BEAT did really well. Don't know where you got your info from, but I can confirm for 5.4 and climbs from parking lot of malls (confirmed from the one mentioned above!), it did just fine. So we went ahead and booked BEAT D LS. Net price is 5.45 lacs. The delivery is going to be in a week. There was no discount but I threaten to take insurance from outside and then they gave free matting, mud flaps and remote lock. I did not wanted to take insurance from outside because in case of claim it is much more inconvenient(though it might have saved me like 5k)! If you take insurance from dealer, all your have to do is inform them and it's pretty much cashless and 0% Dep Cap from there on. This is my wife's first car, so I am pretty sure she will get some scratches BRIO was close competition but difference of just 35k on road with BEAT D LS, made us tempted to go with Diesel. Now my wife has a car whose fuel cost is just marginally more than her ACTIVA Thanks everyone for your views.
  17. Thanks so much for your help guys. Going to TD today as well as throughout the weekend. I will post my feedback on Monday. @creativebala : My wife is 5.4 . Besides I am not considering very under-powered engine (eg Spark/EON etc) purely for handling. The malls for eg, Himalaya Mall in Ahmedabad has steep climb for approx 20 feet with no ramp in between!. So I will like to give her a good car which she can use throughout the city.
  18. Thanks for information. I check RITZ facelift on TBHP, IMHO, it's nothing worth waiting for at least the exterior (same ugly rear). Besides I need a CAR in couple of weeks so I can't wait for face lift.
  19. Thanks for your reply guys, I will be doing a TD of BRIO,RITZ and BEAT and make a final decision. I did some research (reading other people's reviews etc) and have ruled out FORD, VW and SKODA. If I am not convinced by above 3, I will go for TOYOTA LIVA TD as well (but I will keep it as last resort because of several complains of heavy cost cutting).
  20. Sad news:our friend TSIVipul met a major

    May god bring good recovery to Vipul. I just want to say one thing though, Drinking and Driving should never be mixed. Also Vipul should never sleep in the back when some one is driving. This has happened to him, second time. May be he should only drive from next time. Check this thread which Vipul posted last year in reply to me about that incident :
  21. SX4 Diesel: Now launched

    That I really do agree. SX4 doesn't feel like a premium car. Even though features to features comparison, it's pretty good. It's looks are old (kind of like Esteem). It doesn't have "STATUS" and "ASPIRATIONAL VALUE" as ANHC/Vento/Linea. It's high time Maruti brings in a facelift on this one and make it more sporty rather than boxy. Disclaimer : This is coming from a 2011 ANHC owner, so take it with pinch of salt!
  22. Car sales data -February 2011

    I believe that these are delivery figures, not just leaving showroom? In that case, Kizashi is very decent. I believe in next 3-4 months, it will continue to do good numbers. Figures after that will be interesting. SX4 sales does include Diesel sales (there were units ready for Delivery). I think ANHC is in for tough fight from MSIL and VW. Vento is improving delivery wise. All in all Mid-Size Sedan segment will see immense competition, this can only be good for the consumers.
  23. Supporting the points about Linea by BornFree and driftpunk, I think it's important to look at sales figures as customer because that assures longetivity of the car in the market, it's resale value and it's spare parts availablity. Hence it's important to look at car sales figures and stay away from those doing miserably. As far as Linea's A.S.S is concerned, it is offered by TATA. They are like government employees! You can't get them to move to fix your issues. That is unacceptable for product that is costing 8-10 lacs.