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  1. I own the old 800 is it possible to get a better carb for that of a zen and esteem my model has the original japan carb mine is an 1985 model..should i get my carb overhauled or should o trade my carb for that of a zens and esteems?Also do i have to alter anything to fit these carbs?
  2. Yes.... I ll have a look i guess its coolant leak because the level is going down very fast!!
  3. also the coolant gets over very fast say in 2-3 days time its almost reaching the lower external leakages though.any idea where the prob might be?
  4. i am facing similar radiator fan was direct right from the start,had issues with clutch soo that caused overheating many times. i now replaced the clutch assembly.but problem now is engine gets overheated and stops in heavy and slow moving traffic.none of the mechanics have been able to solve the problem
  5. Post deleted: Useless posts that do not add any quality to the thread will be deleted promptly. Also do not create back to back posts. Edit: Well if i go for a medium type of a muffler even then will cops be on my back?Because i already have a problem with cops.They stop and harass me for vehicle insurance BornFree2011-01-09 17:34:42
  6. Any idea where to get Cosworth mufflers in Hyderabad. Also what will be the cost. Since sound is my priority is it okay if I get a local modified muffler installed? I need that sporty sound! BornFree2011-01-09 17:18:38
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  10. m planning a free flow exhaust fr maruti 800 1985 model i want to knw the cheapest available i need dat sound that rumble
  11. thanks guys the prob was with earthing as i guessed now everythin fine )
  12. Yea ill get it checked any idea bout dashboard lights like after turning off ignition dey glowing while ignition on dey not workin. Its acing odd used to work well bfore. I got a daewoo Cielo s tachometer fixed to it, also when ignition s on the dashboard light goes off and instead one ndicator light glows continuously. Note from Mod: You are suggested to go through the announcements section before proceeding further. Use Capital letters where required & avoid the use of "...." within sentences.BornFree2010-12-29 16:06:20
  13. i have a similar prob my maruti ss80 was gr8 till now i fixed a cilo tachometer to it and now as soon as i turn on ignition and my dashboard lights the dashboard lights dun work and the temp jumps to it a wiring prob or bad earthing??
  14. Yes its working the cielo tachos doing good ))
  15. sir i sourced a daewoo cielo s tachometer can i fit it into my ss80??