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  1. Right now i have:- 6 DLS Speakers 4 DLS Tweets 2 DLS X-program Amps 1 Ten Inch DLS X-program Subs 1 Eight Inch JL Audio Sub 1 Alpine Head Unit (CDA-117-e) Tsunami Distrubition Block. I want to remove these:-- 2 DLS X-program Amps 1 Ten Inch DLS X-program Subs 1 Eight Inch JL Audio Sub And Install this:- (I) 1 Kicker COMPVX (1000RMS/2000Peak) 1 1000w:1 Channel Kicker DX Amplifire. OR (II) 2 Kicker COMPVR Aluminized (500RMS/1000Peak) 2 500w:2 Channel Kicker DX Amplifire. Which one is Better, (I) OR (II)? and how should the design of the Subwoofer Box be? (I want Full Bass Pressure) Please don't discuss about any other options here. just discuss about (I) or (II), which is better. For more info on the Subs and Amps, Visit Kicker Homepage
  2. some people were asking me if i wanted to buy Hyundai Tucson 2011 model. i was gonna go for a Suzuki vitara but this car is also quite good. http://img41.imageshack.us/i/ix35.jpg/ its was imported form buthan. NOT BLACK MARKET. so will it be legal to drive around this car? should i buy it? its price is of 16 lakhs of rupees.
  3. So no PROS for a sub on deck? not even one plus point? I read that, if the trunk was spacey and the deck was firm and sturdy, it will sound great. (form an international cars forum). I need another sub woofer because in my esteem, i have a sub woofer in a custom box in the trunk but this does not give enough BASS PRESSURE in the front seats. and I really love Bass Pressure. So won't mounting a Sub onto the deck satisfy my desire?
  4. hey guys! whats up? just wanted to ask how an 8 inch subwoofer with 300watts power, sound when mounted on a TRAY PARCEL/DECK of a Maruti Suzuki Esteem? Will it sound good like all other Bass Tubes and Sub-Woofers in customs boxes, etc? or will it sound crappy? yeah! the tray parcel is well made! its very stiff and stable. i have two speakers on it. i'm planning to put a sub-woofer of 8" and 300watts power in the middle (between the speakers) so what would you guys advice? note:- i already got a sub-woofer in the trunk. But i need more power thats why i'm putting another.
  5. hey guys!! you can smoke lamps using Sun film. The one you use to tint windows! Its better than spraying, you can choose how dark u want it to be, or remove it anytime you want. Mine is also the same:- Before smoke:- After Smoke using Sun Films:- http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=177486678941594&set=a.172419732781622.43635.100000407901179 the only disadvantage if you smoke the Head Lamps is, that your head light become less brighter. so you gotta get a HID lamps or what u call that WHITE LIGHTS. Like this:- peace
  6. thanks, bro. and ya there are some old range rovers and some ORIGINAL BRITISH JEEPS obtained during World war II
  7. its preety true! but i heard the owner if this car is DAMN RICH!! he is a SON OF A MINISTER!! this is his 25th car in his garage!
  8. check out the website:- kitup.co.in and search for A-star. OR go here:- http://kitup.co.in/index_files/Page4164.htm
  9. Some pics from the Horse power challenge in Nagaland, India. Enjoy.None of this rides are mine, and i know nothing about it. this was the 1st Horsepower challenge in our state, i really enjoyed watching it, but i didn't participate. maybe next time!
  10. hmmmmmm.....not sure, bro. why don't you search the forums here or google it...