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  1. And add to the woes the cost of spare parts.And I don't like the looks of Skoda Fabia.It's an overpriced car too.
  2. @tejasmehta990 Indica?No way! hersh_s1 That's very interesting.As bala rightly said the hike in petrol prices can be a problem in the future.I know that the same diesel engine is doing a good job in the Swift.But Punto is heavier.Eventhough it's torquey it's not very powerful(75hp).Is that enough for a car like Punto?I think even the Etios offers better FE than Punto diesel.
  3. I will go for it if it costs only 6.2L.But the on-road price in my area without any discounts is 6.61lacs which is beyond my budget and I think it's not wise to spend that much on a hatchback.Haven't contacted the dealer yet.So I don't know whether there are any discounts or not.I plan to book the car by Jan 30th.I wont be getting the year end reduction but as far as I know Fiat offer such discounts throughout the year. What about the fuel efficiency of the 1.3l diesel?I think the Etios,which is a petrol car is even more fuel efficient. Thank you guys for your suggestions.
  4. Will the new Swift come with any extra knee room and features?
  5. At around the same price range there are two decent sedans as well(Manza and Etios).I'm not looking for one but just curious.How good are those cars?I will get the Manza with ABS if I spend a little more and the Manza without ABS at the same price.Both Punto and Manza share the same engine.So is Manza a better buy than this Punto 1.4? Or is it the Etios that is superior.
  6. Guys,calm down.I think the steering and AC issues are still there.I'm not sure though.I need some solid proof. @rahul1810 Don't think that the sportz variant of i20 comes with ABS+EBD. Please compare Polo with Punto if you can.Nobody is talking about the Punto here.I think it's also a good car.Well insulated from outside noises and a nice rev happy engine.Plus it comes with ABS,EBD and other nice features too.What do you guys think?Any idea about the maintenance cost?
  7. Congrats!Do you have any idea about the after sales service and spare parts cost?I've seen people complaining about the steering.The car actually moves to the left when the steering is kept still.Are you planning to get the ICE from the dealer or from outside?
  8. Thanks.Will the dealers paint it for me?What about the spare parts costs?Is it true that the trendline doesn't come with metallic painting?
  9. @ashikawa What's wrong with the double tone interiors of the Punto?Is Polo an underpowered car?I'm not happy with the body coloured ORVMs and door handles of the trendline.Is it possible to fit aftermarket power windows? @creativebala Too many complaints about the i20.Steering rattles,AC issues etc.Many people say that it's underpowered.And the Punto has ABS+EBD.
  10. But this review suggests that it's a good car.It should be better than the swift? What about the polo?I will be happy with that car also.How good is the polo when it comes to performance and ride comfort.
  11. Yes.1.4l petrol. Please tell me why it's not advisable.
  12. I'm looking for a new car with a budget of maximum 6 lacs.I have 2 cars in mind. 1.Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 2.Fiat Punto 1.4 Emotion I know that Punto has a very good feature list when compared to the Polo.But overall which is the better car?Any idea about the engine performance,ride quality and gearbox of the punto and polo?And I've heard that the Polo's spare parts are very costly.Which car will be lighter in my pocket when it comes to maintenance cost? Thanks