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  1. hi guys I am back after long gap with the same query which scooter to buy which gives me more comfort with the suspension set up it has. my bike dream yuga is 5 years old now and not many complaints but have to migrate to a scooter for some personal reasons. Look forward to receive your inputs on the same
  2. Its been almost 3 years i visited the forum due to many personal work reasons. Here is the update of my bike after 5 years of usage. Everything is intact no rattles, engine response is same but feels bit lethargic at times. Braking is good easy to drive. The complaints are low mileage between 40-45kmpl. most important drawback is body getting rusted quickly which was surprise to me for a honda bike. Started thinking to replace with a scooter again for many practical reasons and in a hunt of a right scooter with great comfort
  3. Hmm it is the same problem these days with all Honda 110cc, even my dream yuga needs a kick start in the morning. I drove a Jupiter recently and its great with suspension and control
  4. @rssh I checked them on web, and seems they are suitable for 5.5-6j rims where as my Ritz rims are 4.5-5j rims. Yokohama A drive seems to be a good choice, what you say
  5. Hi friends I am back probably after long gap. My car is done with 36000km now and expects it tyre replacement by 40k on ODO. The report of my stock JK tornados Simply crap tyres with hard rubber compound and which very less grip on road, make lot of noise, cornering is very difficult and you will feel great body roll. They have become brittle now and there is a uneven worn out even though got balanced and aligned every 5k km. Seriously waiting for 40k km mark and upgrade to 185/70/R14 and probably for BS 290 or AR 20s
  6. Go with new Suzuki Gixer which is better than the two you have listed about
  7. Hmm, what is new in that. I don't see which is really noticeable and DRLs have become very common these days. Swift still sells in good numbers as a premium hatch, I wish Suzuki comes up with a complete revamped facelift of Swift as it is almost a decade old design and also focus to increase bit of a room between seat and steering and also bit of a head room too
  8. Hmm finally competition is heating up within this SUV and urban SUV segments. This looks to be very competitive price from duster with the features as it looks to be overpriced earlier. So will it gain market with that power and AWD
  9. Hmm it is as better as less we talk about JK especially the Tornados which are really useless stiff tyres. If you want super grip and comfortable ride and not bothered on quick worn-out then go for Michelin XM2 If you want best of both worlds then opt for MRF,BS,Appolo,Yokos, Good year IF you are concerned on long life and not bothered on comfort or grip, then choose JK eyes closed, but beware if your usage is less then they will become brittle very soon
  10. Interesting topic !! Yes it is not like few years back with huge difference between petrol and diesel today and it has got narrowed down. In my opinion it all depends on the usage, price difference of both the variants, FE, and finally the personal choice as few like the silent petrol revving and others like the turbo kick with the new age diesel engines. So it wont change the scenario drastically though the difference becoming very close. For me I really enjoy the kick in the present diesel engines and go for it
  11. Hmm, I have visited VW plant in Pune and has seen making a POLO and give full marks to it built quality which starts from the materials used, structural strength, sheet gauge and the manufacturing process. Even Puntos body is very strong too and pick some thing has ABS and Airbags
  12. Congrats for the reliable scooter !! When you buy any scooter then remove the FE from your mind and enjoy the ride and flexibility. By the way how is the suspension feel as Activa was pathetic in bad roads
  13. New Zest diesel will be the best bet for your requirements. Take a TD and decide
  14. It looks like the designers were very confused and tried Sumo+Prado+bolero+scorpio Rear looks to be not at all impressive neither like old one or new one and those blue lights
  15. Try the new Fiesta diesel will fit your needs and come under that budget