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  1. Hi librankur, we got Diesel SMT Amaze home. Regarding the deal that I got was 7.6 L on road approx as compared to 7.8 quoted initially plus rear parking sensers and 2 other small accessories ( perfume and floor mats ) included in the package Yes Ritz is still pretty much around. It has been a working horse for us for last 5 years and I just love it, is an understatement, but as it has run over 63K, so it has started to show its age, especially due to the conditions it has to go through here in Delhi, small niggles do annoy me and my father as we like our car to be completely silent, so we decided to lessen the load on Ritz and got home a sister for her in the form of Amaze
  2. This car purchase hunt started around 3 months ago, when our beloved Ritz ( 2009 model ) started to give us niggles that makes me and my father annoyed, so when I was asking him that I want to make all these changes to Ritzy, he suggested that we get a new car for city running instead. I agreed instantly with him and we started our car hunt. Our budget was around 8 Lakhs Max. and we were looking at a compact car for city running. Options considered were : 1) Amaze 2) Etios 3) Dzire 4) XUV ( for brief while ) Amaze : Firstly coming to its test drive, well even before testing it, my father said that this is THE CAR to go for And when I drove it, I absolutely fell in love with it The Positives of Amaze were : 1) Beautiful Engine ( non-existent turbo lag as compared to DDis) 2) Looks cute 3) Good view of corners of road from inside the car 4) Compact so very easy to manouvre 5) Good Boot space for the size of the car 6) Rear seats were really comfortable and spacious 7) Priced really competitively as compared to the competition 8) Honda snob value 9) Low maintenance cost 10) Terrific mileage of 18-19 kmpl in city and 23-24 in highways the list may continue further but I may stop here Disadvantages of Amaze as I found were 1) Cabin shake when starting or Stopping the car 2) Dull Dashboard 3) Small fuel tank ( only 35L ) 4) Low seating position, might be slightly uncomfortable to get in/out Overall, I was pretty satisfied with what Amaze offered for the money it asked Next was Dzire, well it was a good car but my father said that this is a really common car nowadays and also the rear seat + Boot were cramped in comparison to Amaze so it went out Then we test drove Etios, it is a capable car no doubt, but I just could not digest that dashboard and the exterior looks of that car, so it was again out Lastly we tried our hand on XUV500 as well and were quite impressed with this car as an overall package, but for city running this car due to its dimensions, might be a pain to maintain and run. So long story cut short, we got our amazing cutie Cherry Red Amaze home and I am loving every moment with it, hopefully will share many fun travelogues and longer run experiences with this beast with you all ! 1 pic only right now, sorry for bad picture quality, when I get time ( soon ) I will post more and better pictures Thanks for taking time out, more to follow
  3. Fluence deserves better than what it has achieved in the Indian market. Hopefully after the Duster success and the new model coming, the fortunes of this beautiful car will change Looking forward to the new model launch soon
  4. so when will 4th gear work ?
  5. Hi everyone. I wanted to know how the gearing of SX4 automatic works ( D2,D3,L,N,R). I searched a lot but wasnt able to find much information. So please help
  6. but for vettel's failure, he would have led the championship but he still has the fastest car so no doubt he is the favourite in the coming races to win
  7. This pricing is a really optimistic one from chevrolet and it will be nothing more than a dud IMHO as fortuner is offered at similar territory and is a superior package
  8. After seeing the test drive review on television I think it is a gud car for me coz I m looking for a diesel sedan for quite sometime but now think that my search is end,the car looks stunning and most of all it is a new thing from ford I mean the old fiesta and this one are completely different.I am in love with this car,hope they price it somewhere in between 7-8lacs....
  9. i would recommend you to go for hunk as it is a really reliabe bike from hero honda and comes within your budget and quite easy to drive as well otherwise you can consider apache RTR 160 as well
  10. for your running i would recommend you to go for a petrol car and you should look at verna fludic which is loaded with features and Hyundai A.S.S. is really reliable as well
  11. i would say that go for verna fludic as it comes loaded with features which honda city does not Honda city is a great car no doubtbut is no longer a VFM product as compared to competition IMO If you can wait a bit then check out on fiesta as well
  12. i have achieved top speed of 155 kmph in my ritz in delhi Agra highway last month and 130 kmph in mu NHC 3 months ago in Gurgaon delhi expressway