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  1. This is Suzuki's premium hatch codename YRA. It will take on Hyundai's Elite, Honda's Jazz and VW's Polo. Speculated to have new generation of Suzuki engines, most likely to debut in India late 2015.
  2. Ciaz gets 5000+ bookings so far, surpasses its stock . Expect waiting periods. Source:GaadiWaadi
  3. VW has broken its mum and officially confirmed that the UP will premiere in 12 days. The reason why we are interested is because the UP is the small car expected to sit under the Polo. The VW UP will be the cheapest offering from the German czar till date. There are rumors, which some say are more than just rumors, that the UP will be priced in the 3.5-4 lakh price bracket. BornFree2011-08-09 07:08:14
  4. This is really wierd! I grill looks odd and I guess is a contender of one of the ugliest designs ever for 2011!
  5. I like the color white which would suit most cars with sun filmed and matching alloys. Cheers!
  6. For your choice listed, IMO it should be the Vento TDI.
  7. Amongst the Sedans would vote for the Vento petrol AT. Owners have claimed a phenomenal milage too. Cheers!
  8. Hyundai sales down 5.5% in Feb. Business Line : Companies News : Hyundai Motor Feb sales down 5%
  9. Charges only when the engine is running!
  10. next for me would be the VW Polo (1.6).
  11. Isn't factory to dealer supply figures be positive?