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  1. I would blindly madly love to get my hands on a HM Ambassador Mark II Petrol
  2. I dont know how i missed this, but heres some from my garage, the very few of the last hurriedly rolled out SS80's in March 1986
  3. One should take much care while driving on the Ghat section of the Hills. One small mistake can lead to a great loss. Spotted a accident recently, luckily no one was hurt but physical damage to vehicles can also cause pains!!
  4. The pic of the white Indica (Supposed to be a Cab) looks like cab driver flipped over and gives those dramtic moments!! Poor passengers, hope there was not much loss. Cab drivers should get civilized soon!
  5. To start with I am posting a accident which happened on Jul 30th early morning on the Ooty and Coonoor Highway when a huge tree fell over a parked mini bus and on a Fuel Station because of heavy rains. Luckily there was no causalities as there was no diver or conductor was sleeping inside the bus. Below are a couple of pictures: Trees were cut and traffic resumed before sunrise!!
  6. Hello all, Here I have made a small attempt to showcase our members and others the various road mishaps that happen everyday. This should bring in the responsibility for all of to always drive safe because 'We have someone waiting for us at our homes' Mod's: Please merge this topic if there is already a forum for the same.
  7. And adding to the list here is the link for the youtube video, 2011 Maruti Swift Indian Model Walk Around I am sorry I never knew how to upload a video!
  8. Wow a good catch! But Doctor, are you sure that we will be getting a Zdi version?? If yes i'd upgrade by booking to a Zdi. The dealer here in Ooty still has no clue on the details or specifications! Kindly throw some light.
  9. It does not seem to be strange with a front and rear facelift' date=' refreshed interiors and an 90mm extra length. FYI it's not a new model, it's a new version. Does the pictures below look the same? Swift Dzire grille All New 2011 Swift grille Here is the interior picture of the Glam: Here is the interior picture of the all new 2011 swift: Are the both similair or same? Here is another picture which shows the Glam's so called dual interiors, There is still another picture above showing clearly the interiors of the new swift. Even though there are no major differences, the new 2011 swift is refreshed and neatly tweaked than the current swift. And Financial Chronicle people are not auto enthu's and have no clues or brains about the specs and details of cars and they blindly discourage the new buyers whenever a new model is launched.
  10. I owned a CBZ star and currently own a Pulsar 150, and i stongly recommend the CBZ for it's sheer power and low maintenance when compared to the pulsar. And the Hunk, yes it looks more cramped at the rear end.
  11. First Priority: Name Transfer - Got My jeep a Water wash, took all documents RC original, Insurance, P.U.C, ID proof Photocopies, Photographs. Got the application forms, filled out the details paid the challan for Name transfer, and Finally parked my jeep with the bonnet open for the RTO to inspect, and here's the twist!!! RTO: So what's happening here? ME: I've got this Jeep, and I want to transfer it's ownership to my name. RTO: (Gazes at the Jeep and asks) Is this a military disposal? ME: Yes sir. RTO: (Says with a cool tone) Change the colour, will sign the papers. ME: But why sir? RTO: No one can differentiate if this is a civilian jeep of a Army Jeep, I don't want anyone to misuse this beautiful piece. ME: Sir but this is Olive Green and the RTO approved it and registered it in Chennai only a couple of months before. RTO: Someone has done a mistake at one end, and I don't want to make the same mistake again, i'm a bit different. ME: But sir why will I misuse it? I got this jeep with a desire to have it and retain it's originality, wanted it to be classic as always, moreover i have a defence pass on my jeep for entering the local regiment here. RTO: Sir I'm sorry rules are rules. Even if you are an majaor general I cannot sign papers, You paint your official Army jeep in whatsoever colour you want, but not a civilian one. paint it in any other colour you want other than Green, I'm ready to sign papers. ME: Okay sir. I will do. (Grrrrrrrr) Minutes later a broker rushes to me saying, "I was hearing your conversation with the RTO, a month back there was a same problem and argument from the manager of an Ex chief Minister here and the RTO signed papers after getting some $$$$$ from them, If u can, just spend Rs. 1000/- I shall help you to transfer the name". The moment he told this I thought NO. I finally took my phone and the screensaver was my friend's Jeep. Jeep Captain from T-BHP, his Shade US marine army Jeep colour for his MM 550 was on my mind, I rushed to the RTO's cabin immediately and showed him my phone and asked him, is this colour okay sir? and the RTO said as far as it is not green I'm okay with it. I replied telling him, "Sir this is used by the US Marine forces for their Vehicles, after I change the colour don't refuse to sign papers saying this is another Army colour". The RTO assured me this colour is Okay. This was the shade I showed the officer: Finally i left the RTOffice, to my painter. Took him to the paint store got him the shade, and asked him for a matt finish. Two days was his time. In a day he started the work. Some Pictures at the painting shop: I wanted to keep out some heat and sound from the engine compartment and I fixed some Thermocoal sheet dampings and found a good transformation. Less Sound and Heat. In two days time painting was done, showed the same to the RTO, got the name transfered and got the papers the next day. This is how it looked when I got her home. On the same night, a heavy down pour. night vision. Now I need to change tyres and soft top. getting quotes for: **Apollo Bullet San cum highway 7.50 x R16 **MRF Sandgrips 7.50 x R16 **J&K Sand cum Highway 7.50 x R16 I'm getting deined the Apollo and MRF's. Only J&K's are available in this spec, I want to maintain the originality by using the same Army sand tyres. Moreover changing to new tyres with alignment and balancing can improve my ride.