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  1. If you can wait a few months, go for the Nissan Sunny Sedan which will be launched within your budget in this year...
  2. Don't forget that Tata bought Range Rover & Jaguar....
  3. Many people have experimented overseas but their efforts gone in vain, most of them were fakes and a few went missing after announcing their discoveries, may be its the fuel companies around the world who can't stand any discovery of such a technology. If you guys are interested, pls. google on Running Car on Water and you will find ample of news which gives a hint that major fuel giants don't want such a technology to come out for their gains.
  4. Dude, the new facelifted 2011 version of Passat is expected to be launched around April 1st Week but they will introduce only the petrol version for now and that too in manual transmission and not Automatic. The main reason for this launch in petrol variant is to avoid the competition with their subsidary Skoda's Superb & Audi's A4 Sedan. I love the 2.0 TDI model, highly fuel efficient and superb handling. Good Value for Money.