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  1. I have recently purchased a car in Karnataka. After 1-2 years I intend to move to Delhi. My car is currently under finance from ICICI bank for a 5-year tenure. Could someone please let me know the process of changing registration from Karnataka to Delhi and also the documents required. Also, I would like to know if there would be any refund of the road tax paid in Karnataka.
  2. Guys just wanted to inform that I finally booked a Sandrift Grey Chevy Beat LT Opt yesterday. I took a test drive of the car and immediately fell in love with it. The car's response was amazing and it was a total value for money. It looks really cool as well... very different from any other hatchback... . I just loved it. It's like a rocket.
  3. I do not know about the Swift diesel version, but I have driven the petrol version of both i20 and Swift. If performance is a criteria to go by then the Swift is unmatched. The i20 feels a lot underpowered when compared to the zippyness of the Swift. Overall I was hugely impressed by the Swift when compared to the i20. However, the i20 has better interiors and ride quality. Plus, it's a little less common than the Swift. But since your neighbour is still learning to drive I would, like the others before me, recommend a smaller hatchback like a Spark or even Alto K series.
  4. I took a TD of i20 Asta petrol version today and I have to that I was deeply let down with the performance in comparison to Swift. The car litterally wasn't moving in 2nd gear with the AC on. I had completely floored the pedal and still there was no response from the car. On the highway the Swifts and i10s were overtaking me with ease and I had to push real hard to keep up. I came back hugely disappointed with the pickup of the car. This experience has firmly crossed the i20 off my list. I have now decided to book the Swift Zxi. The dealer here has asked me to book the current swift for the time being and once the new swift is launched they will shift me on to it. The only thing that was keeping me from buying the Swift was its abundance on the road, but I guess there a good reason for it.
  5. @ mndvishnu & TSiVipul: I do like both the polo as well as the fabia, but I'm planning on taking the car with me to Mysore after some time. There are no dealers or service centers for Skoda or VW in the city. The nearest ones are in Bangalore and I dont wanna drive there everytime there is a small issue with the car. @ Skoda: I was seriously considering the Figo sometime back but after TD, I was not at all satisfied with the performance. Also, the fact that there is no option of rear power windows was a big turn off for me. And I found that the rear windows only go down 50%, which is very strange.
  6. Hey thanks guys so much for your inputs. I am now thinking of getting the i20 Asta petrol version as it is well within my budget and comes fully loaded with ABS and airbags. I'm now tired of waiting for the new Swift and am not sure if i'll be able to get my hands on it before September-October. Etios is also out of the question since I neither like the looks nor the interiors of the car. Also, the car has no features whatsoever to speak of in my budget. Just a few more questions: 1) I have read in this forum that a 2011 i20 transform with kappa2 engine might be launched. However, I was unable to find any information on this. Can anybody fill me on this and let me know when is it expected to be launched? 2) Some users I spoke to have talked about some AC and Steering rattling issues in their cars. Are these problems still there in the newer models?
  7. Hey thanks Skoda Superb for ur suggestions... I'm not really keen on the Etios since I found it to be a very bland car. It just carries the Toyota badge and nothing else is exciting about it. Also, because of the recall problems with Toyota cars I'm not considering it at all, not to mention the huge waiting period. The main things I'm looking for are: 1) Seating for 4-5 ppl (I'm a bachelor living away from my family so mostly me and my friends) 2) The car should really be fun to drive since I'm a driving enthusiast. So I'm looking for a responsive and powerful car. 3) Mostly the car would be used by me for driving to office in the city and once or twice a month Highway runs. Overall not more than 1000-1200 kms a month. 4) Fuel economy is important for me and I want a car that wud give me around 14-15 kmpl in the city. 5) I also want good after sales service and low maintenance costs. 6) Good resale value I feel the TATA MANZA
  8. Thanks for your reply. Probably the Topic of my post was a bit misleading. I wanted feedback on the new TATA MANZA. I couldn't find much info on it in either of the above two threads. I would really appreciate if users here can guide me on this car. No salutations: Team ACI sgiitk2011-03-19 04:18:52
  9. Hi, I'm planning on buying my first car and my budget is upto 6.5 lacs on road in Delhi. I am looking for a petrol car since my monthly travel would not be more than a 1000 kms. After researching a lot I had decided on getting the 2011 Swift and was waiting for it. But just recently I came across the new Tata Manza and found that the Aura Safire ABS is well within my budget. Now I'm seriously considering buying this car. I have yet to take a test drive of it but it looks like a very good option. What do you guys suggest? Is it a good car. My main considerations are the following: Driving experience and responsive car Fuel efficiency Low maintenance cost and good after sales service Good resale value Can you guys please help me out?