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  1. I met with an accident last year, where i was wearing a helmet and stopped by bike by seeing a Scorpio coming rashly (drunken drive as confirmed by police). Still he came and dashed and went away. As a result, i had 8 fractures in my lower jaw alone. In this case, my helmet only saved my life, doctors clearly said that, if i was not wearing helmet i would have died. What will you do in this case, i stopped the bike, so my speed will be obviously "0". There are many ***** who drive after drinking, so its always safe to wear the helmets even when your are not riding above 10kmph
  2. @ Ramesh - I expected some of our members to know atleast few informations regarding my queries, any small information would be a great help for me. @ishanb1 - Thanks buddy, even I have shortlisted International Business only as my first preference
  3. Hi Friends, Im planning to do my MBA in New Zealand in the 2012 intake, and I have shortlisted Auckland University of Technology. Need some inputs from you guys regarding the specialization that I can choose, my strongest part is people management. And do give me suggestions on things to taken from here, like jackets, laptop, etc. What are the other things I should be taking care of before I start from here.
  4. @creativebala - Wow if Brio gets it, that would be my option then. I like the paddle shifts, it gives a feel like F1 cars when we see those levers below the steering wheel
  5. @ Dr Nishu - So the paddle shifts are only for AT variants or is it avaible in some MT variants also. Is paddle shifts available in any hatchbacks in India?
  6. Its true Keshav, Even i use to do it with my Enflied when i had him. He was my best friend, he was there with all my happy and sad situations. When i feel sad, i take him out for a long ride. When i return home, i used to forget all my sadness. Now i don't have him with me, I miss him a lot
  7. HM may have more money to waste or they did not pay the designer for a long time . Result = HM Veer
  8. @ Aerospeedcars - I don't have a car right now, waiting for a car from my dad in 2 months. So started planning all the modifications from now to make my budget ready. It will be a petrol car for sure, may be a M800 or Zen. It will be my daily use car, so do not want the cops to catch me often (My route to office is really a cop filled zone, they have regular booths to catch the petrosexuals for their mischiefs )
  9. Happy birthday Vipul. Hope you had a great day
  10. @Creativebala - Wow, this is a good idea. Will this setup make any changes in the performance than the normal FFEs that make loud music even in lower rpm.
  11. Hi Folks, Im very weak in the technical aspects. I would like this thread to be used for asking some queries on technical things like, What is BHP, How does a turbo work, etc. And my first question is about Paddle shift, How does a paddle shift work? Why is it available on the AT variants?
  12. Sarabjeet - WOW!!! I love this car. You should have enjoyed those 3 years with this beast
  13. How often is the emission test to be done? Can we install the factory fitted exhaust and get the emission pass and reinstall the FFE later
  14. Hi Gurus, I was reading about the problems of using the FFE in the cars, mostly problems with the cops. Here are my quesitons, 1. Can FFE or muflers installed in such a way that it will increase the performance and will not attract the cops towards our car? 2. Will FFE installed cars pass the emission tests, since the CATCON is removed while installing it? 3. If muflers are alone modified to get the music, will it have the above problem, will it have any improvement in the performance?