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  2. Its performing good. Mileage before 1st service-->16.3kmpl. Mileage after 1st service--->17kmpl. Dealer is saying it will give a mileage of 18-20 after free services. I have not driven the petrol variant yet.But diesel is performing better than dzire.One day i, immediately after driving innova i drove my sx4.Guess which performed better???? SX4. Try yourself..
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  4. Post deleted: Back to back post. BornFree2011-04-08 14:25:54
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  6. Plastic quality is not very good.Diesel SX4's are heavier in weight than Sx4 petrol's but riding quality is excellent.
  7. It is given on many sites from past 3 years.They keep on changing the dates themselves.
  8. How can this happen?Its a great car.Dealer might have sold you the defective model.And as you said they are not responding ,you should immediately file a case against them.
  9. I,before buying SX4 diesel asked a known person working in Honda.He said that Honda is goin to launch its CR-V diesel(don't know when).He also added that there are no plans of launching city,jazz and civic diesel(I have'nt asked about accord).
  10. While i was checking the SX4 manual i found that ZDi variant is provided with ashtray and cigrette lighter.We asked the dealer to give them .But he said that SX4 does'nt comes with ashtray and lighter. So,please tell me whether ZDi variant comes with ashtray and lighter and also tell about other accessories with the dealer should give.
  11. Thanks and happy holi fellow members...
  12. Just shut your eyes and go for scorpio(if these are your options).
  13. Thats bass tube wire from amplifier which i have now adjusted at the back of the bass tube which makes it look cleaner. sgiitk2011-04-08 14:28:36
  14. My car got its first service yesterday.It has clocked 1300 on odo.The service was due at 1000.First we took the car at service station when it clocked 1000 on odo.The dealer said that some special type of synthetic oil comes for SX4 diesel which was not available there.We made calls to other dealers and ask whether oil is available or not.They all replied in negative.They all said the same thing that it will be available in a week.Till then we used our qualis/santro/alto.Yesterday we again made a call at all the dealers.Oil was only available at two places only.So we decided to take the beast at ktl.They said that it will give the highest mileage of 18-19kmpl on highway and 16-17 in city.Before the service it gave the mileage of 15.5 kmpl.My uncle took it for service there.Its engine oil costs Rs.2000.The bill came for Rs.2400.Next service is due at 5000kms but engine oil will be changed at 10000kms.The service was ok. Things which i liked after service: 1:Engine sound in now less as compared earlier. 2:Little bit increase in pick-up. 3:There was a little bit of bubbling before service which was not there at all after service. 4:Even engine plastice(eg. engine cover) were also polished. Things which i hated after service: 1:Interior and exterior polish.Specialy interior polish was unevenly done.Audio system was looking as if someone has used some sort of oil for polishing. 2:Unevenly greased levers. Overall you can say good but not the best service:). My father took it to highways .He said the he was experiencing as INNOVA.Same comfort,a better performance. Accessories added: 1:New footmats. 2:Jbl bass tube as well as amplifier. Things still pending: 1:Not got the hub caps bearing Suzuki.Will go to dealer to get them. 2:Seat covers. 3:Suncontrol film. Overall saisfied with the car.