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  1. Thanks for your post, Doctor. I have been driving a Maruti 800 STD car from Aug-2000 till date & will continue driving it till I buy my next one in the coming months. The next car that I am planning on buying will also stay with me for a long time! Therefore I am being careful on my decision so that I make a right one! Now I am not considering cars with 1L 3 cylinders engine. Which as reported has higher noise levels while running. I do not want to end up with a car that becomes out-dated with its contemporary cars in the near future. I have decided to wait & see what Etios Liva & Brio have to offer.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I was also considering the i10 as an option. I think I might just go ahead with i10 (1.1 magna / 1.2 Sportz). Thanks a lot!
  3. I live in Bangalore & I am finalizing on buying a car in the next few weeks. My monthly usage will be like this: Within the city: Approx 1000 kms On Highways: Nil / Less than 100 Kms I have finalized on the New WagonR 1.0. Now I know that its not a great highway as I feel it may tend to have body-roll due to its tall-boy design. I need to know if this in anyway affect the city-driving? I look forward to helpful suggestions / recommendations from the Forum members. - Girish Thread moved: To the right section.BornFree2011-03-03 06:04:32