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  1. Zen is certainly a good choice and the exising engine can be modified extensively. Alternative, which is underrated is the Palio 1.6. The engine is bullet proof and good for 240bhp and cloase to 200Nm normally aspirated. Even turbo charging is an option on the engine. The Greek are very keen on turboing the engine. Obviously it all depends on your tuning budget.
  2. The Nano is not a competitor for the Alto. They are in 2 different segments. The Nano will continue to sell and people eventually will buy it despite it being the cheapest car in the world. Most will have figured out by now that I am not of Indian origin, but I do like the Nano. When I was testing it 2 weeks ago in Mumbai the sales person of the dealer was horrified, when I tried to take the car to the limit. It handles much better than the negative press suggested. It is underpowered but by no means dead slow. One only needs to know what to do to get some performance out of it. When I relocate to Mumbai I will buy a yellow on and certainly will develop performance tuning items for it.
  3. I am new to the Autocar forum, but I am not new to the industries. A number of people do know me from other forums in India as well as Europe. My passions are filming (working on movies and tv program) as well as sailing, performance tuning, racing and nature. I hate the guts of Sergio Marchionne, but I like Fiats and have a lot of respect for Rajeev Kapoor. I like my little Fiats and the one Alfa I have. The little Fiats are a lot of fun and even more so because none of them is standard. I love upsetting drivers of bigger cars that can't take it when little cars are as quick or quicker than theirs.