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  1. VW POLO car of the year --- BIG TIME DISLIKE .... VW Sucks ! finally today we received our repayment for the 4 polo cancellations ... after making lot of efforts and noise ... sadly to know later on the cheque is dated 7th feb .... after a cancellation amount of rs 5000 /- ... Have informed 100's of my friends and family members never ever buy a VW !!!!
  2. VW sucks big time ..... after reading so many complaints about the POLO we had cancelled all our 4 polo's on 13th jan , and the dealer said refund payment by 20th jan max ... on 20th he said 25th ... on 25th he said guranteed payment on 29th jan .... today says by 2-3rd feb .... this VW guys are so unprofessional no ethics at all !!!! they are charging us rs 5000/- for cancellation and than to taking so long ... Horrible : (((
  3. Weird things going around in VW showroom , we went today to cancel our 4 POLO'S ,there were another 3 people to cancel , ( 7 polo's ) the sales executive tried to convince all 7 of us by giving free insurance and accessories worth rs 10000 and delivery 10 - 12 days ( earlier we were told feb end ), we said we wanna cancel anyhow , for which he said rs 10,000 cancellation amount !! than we went bit aggressive so he settled for rs 5,000 and said it will take 10 days !! New walk in customers are been said delivery 3-4 months no free accessories ... gosh what are this people upto ??????
  4. hey guys thanks all for ur suggestions ,we have decided to CANCEL ALL our 4 POLO bookings, what should be the cancellation amount , n how long will it take for repayment , has anyone else cancelled their POLO ! can anyone let us know what would be the price range of fiesta hatch and booking / delivery time ... i also heard about new swift 2011 coming , what would be delivery for that .
  5. Hello Friends ... Please help !!! i and 3 of my friends had booked POLO comfortline petrol ... ( 4 polo's in all ) 1 month back . my uncle owns a polo last 3-4 months , and he is totally pissed off by the experience he is having with the car ( problem with the engine so early own ) and the Pathethic after sales service , on his suggestion and many more posts and threads and complaints we read , we decided to cancell all our 4 bookings ! but now the dealer is giving lots of excuse , saying one of a kind experience ? he is offering us Free insurance and Free accessories even delivery within 15 - 20 days ! what should we do ???