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  1. I was just reading a owner report on the aveo .. and most people think that aveo is no match for sx4 ... I havent driven both the cars but if you compare the interiors then aveo wins in my books .... also i like its design .. And im sure its fuel efficient too ( atleast more than the sx4 ) ..... What do you guys think ?? ?
  2. Nope i dont think ill wait that long .... at the max till feb .... any new cars by then ???? Else ill reluctantly go in for fiesta D or else SX4
  3. Hey nice to find a guy who has both the cars . Now i am confused as which car to buy between the two . Is ford fiesta worth the money ??? Or should i go in for verna??? What do you think about the ride comfort ??? I guess You have clocked 16K so any problems yet??? And does the fusion have the same performance barring the shape??
  4. So does sx4 have a decent fuel efficiency ??? How much should i expect for a 1.6 litre engine???
  5. Ok guys thanks for all the advice . And i hav decided ill use indica for most of my running and buy a sedan . Now Please explain in detail Pros and Cons of Ford fiesta 1.4, Aveo 1.4 and Sx4 1.6 .
  6. Ok guys maybe ill use the indica regularly . can u help me out with fiesta and aveo petrol ??? And also i like the way fusion looks how about its engine performance??
  7. i currently use the indica for daily use . Nw im going to keep the car and buy a new one . Im very confused that should i go in for swift diesel and cut down the petrol bills or should i go in for a mid size car like an aveo or fiesta ( i love the interiors of aveo ) which are of a higher segment . How good is the fusion tdci ??? Is the car worth the price??
  8. Yes an indian is going to drive a F1 car but just for testing .... KAurn is going to test for red bull racing Does it make his way to a permanent F1 seat easier??? Will force india sign him or Nk as a race driver??? Your comments guys!!
  9. I am sorry about the sms language . I think most suggestions hint towards a deisel hatch . But i already own an indica ( deisel ) so having two hatchbacks doesnt make much sence does it . any suggestions between aveo 1.4 , fiesta 1.4 , fusion 1.6 , fusion 1.4 tdci , sx4 if my usage is not a consideration ??
  10. Hi ... m lookin 4 a car in the 6-7 lac braket .... i ws looking at fiesta or aveo ... bt my running is around 45 km per day in city which makes both cars very expensive ..... so i ws lookin @ ford fusion or fiesta .. but thts streching my budget a lot .... so any suggestions???? P.S. im nt intrestd in tata indigo .... Note From Admin: Please take time out to type properly. Use of SMS/Chat lingo is prohibited on this forumFuelRunGod2007-11-11 19:11:55