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  1. Though the engine output sounds good, lets see how it performs when it comes out.
  2. I saw a silver colored Hyundai Eon near Poonamallee running with white on red registration plates. There was also a blue drive decal on the driver side door. It also had black colored knob like thing (Is it the gas filler) which I used to see on other LPG vehicles. I was driving on the opposite way and so I was not able to capture a pic of it. It had no camouflage on it.Any news about the Hyundai Eon Blue Drive? ragav206932011-11-25 15:37:39
  3. The exterior looks neat while the interior is filled with hard cheapy plastics. It think they are using 10 year old interior designs. This car competes with the Hyundai Accent(Verna) ,Ford Fiesta,Honda Fit(Jazz) and is essentially the price leader in the segment. The $10 K price is without AC and even radios . The model equipped with Ac,radio ,auto transmission goes for $13-14 k. But a base model accent and fiesta go for $ 13-14 k with AC,auto , radio and power accessories. Hell, the Chevy Sonic(Aveo) is going to offer even alloy wheels standard for $13 k and they all have interiors that are worlds better. Nissan over the years has been putting 2-3 k incentives on the hood which is terrible and is the only factor which makes the Versa sell. The Toyota Etios looks like a luxury car compared to this car's interior.ragav206932011-07-30 13:10:50
  4. Its a real shame that they even offer a 201 hp engine in the S-Class. It removes any exclusivity the car has.
  5. Hope u have a speedy recovery tsivipul. One more sad part about India which u went over but didn't mention is that journalists were whisked away and were warned not to report that the driver was drunk. Gross violation of the freedom of press by intimidating journalists.
  6. Does it have a multi-link rear suspension or a torsion bar one? The European version uses a multi-link while the American version is content with a torsion beam.
  7. I am just an avid of user of both social networking and car forums. I think my time is evenly split between two. BTW, I do read,ACI, the truth about cars,motortrend,autoblog,edmunds,car and driver regularly and team bhp occasionally.
  8. Here starts the competition. Honda Jazz is far superior than the VW Polo, Hyundai i20 and Fiat Punto unlike Honda City which is outgunned on atleast certain aspects by Hyundai Verna ,Fiat Linea and VW Vento. The Honda City is competitive but the Honda Jazz simply blows away the competition. How were they able to make a cut of 175,000? Did they do some decontenting?
  9. Track test each and every car available.Post 0-100 kmph times, average g's, lateral g's the car delivers. Put the car through the cones and report th handling results. The results should be objective and not subjective.
  10. Source: www.thetruthaboutcars.com Author: Bertel Schmitt Things are not going well between Volkswagen and Suzuki. In 2009, Volkswagen invested $2.5 billion for a 19.9 percent share in Suzuki. Suzuki sent $1.13 billion back and bought 2.5 percent of Volkswagen. Suzuki netted $1.37 billion, domo arigatou gozaimasu, but then nothing happened. End of last year, Ferdinand Piech became impatient. Volkswagen stockholders asked discomforting questions at the annual meeting. Now, it turned into a war of the words. Volkswagen uses old media. The octogenarian Osamu Suzuki drops a massive blog bomb on Wolfsburg. A month ago, Volkswagen leaked to Der Spiegel that the German-Nipponese axis is
  11. There's plenty of room to get lost in the Volkswagen Group. In addition to the VW brand, the group controls Skoda, Seat, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti. But we can't forget its truck divisions. In addition to being Europe's largest automaker, VW is also one of its largest producer of trucks as well, producing VW commercial vehicles while holding nearly three-quarters of the shares in Swedish truckmaker Scania and a significant stake in MAN as well. That's last bit's about to increase, though, as a new deal in progress will see Volkswagen increase its holdings in MAN SE from 30.5 percent to 55.9 percent. According to Bloomberg, the deal is still pending regulatory approval, but is expected to lead to increased cooperation between Scania and MAN, helping both companies reduce overhead. The latest move in Volkswagen Group chairman Ferdinand Piech's expansion plan, the takeover will make the German industrial giant that much bigger. Both Volvo (which also produces Mack and Renault trucks) and Daimler (which owns Freightliner, Mitsubishi Fuso, Thomas, Sterling and Mercedes-Benz trucks), each hold about 21 percent of the European truck market. But because MAN and Scania together account for some 30 percent of European heavy-duty truck sales, the acquisition is expected to catapult VW into position as the largest truckmaker in Europe. Source:Bloomberg ragav206932011-07-08 15:09:02
  12. They should offer an automatic variant right at the time of launch. I also read somewhere that the metal casing of the radiator was discarded i favor of a plastic one saving 1.5 kgs. It seems that they have worked very hard in reducing the weight which is a very good thing because cars are getting fatter and heavier with every new gen model. Interiors are OK for the price ,nothing ground breaking. However, if the white colored plastic is replaced with a black one thus rendering the interior all black= classy, yummy!
  13. It will give great competition to non-premium cars carrying premium prices like the Honda Accord, Skoda Superb,VW Jetta,Toyota Camry . The sheer difference in quality and brand equity will drive people towards the BMW 1-Series even though the car may be smaller. Since BMW X1 prices start at 2,250,000, it makes no sense to buy non-premium SUV's like Honda CRV,Mitsu Outlander and the Chevrolet Captiva. So,buyers looking for SUV's in 20 lakh category have shifted in droves to the BMW X1. Similar thing will happen even in the case of 1-Series.ragav206932011-07-08 14:37:10
  14. Ford Focus 1.6 Ecoboostragav206932011-07-07 10:09:35
  15. I have to say that I did like the partial power steering thing in the Nano. Innovative yet cheap. Audi is s a subsidiary of VW and VW has a 20% stake in Suzuki and is its partner. Thread moved. BornFree2011-07-21 17:58:20
  16. I learnt to drive on a Mazda Protege. Its small and sporty.I think the Cruze comes close to that. To tell the truth, it took a month for me to get used to the Camaro properly. The CTS on paper is bigger, but feels smaller when u sit behind the wheel.The Camaro on the other hand felt like a monster as its based on the zeta full size sedan chassis shared with the Holden Commodore. I don't think its a downgrade. People drive different cars in different countries. If I lived in Denmark(most expensive place to own a car), I wouldn't mind buying a Toyota Aygo because its much better to drive a car than use public transport.The best part about the Cruze is that it manages to be sporty without having a taut ride (Mazdas which are sporty tend to be very taut). In a fortnight, I will try out compact cars like 1.4 T Cruze ,Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra ,Mazda 3(If it was available,I would have bought it over the Cruze), new VW Jetta 2.5 and Honda Civic(not too excited) and i'l compare them comprehensively. I am at looking at loaded models for my sister after getting rid of the Camaro. ragav206932011-07-04 16:43:28
  17. Thats true. I think it belongs to the GM parts bin. Its so typical of GM and VW group. They tend to have interchangeable parts across brands. Opel Astra and Chevrolet Cruze share a lot .The Z-link suspension(not available in India),engines, interior bit and yet the Astra feels upscale and is the same with VW/Audi. That said, the Camaro's interior is the unique in the whole of GM.ragav206932011-07-04 15:31:15
  18. It was an Audi event . So they're promoting it. Okay, they didn't say invented it. So, they are promoting it as new which it is not and its not a future tech. Its here, right now.
  19. Yesterday ,I saw a TV episode of Autocar India on Bloomberg. There were testing an Audi A4 electric prototype with a so called great and new technology called Torque vectoring. There is nothing about torque vectoring that is new or revolutionary and is not invented in the A4. Ford had begun selling vehicles with torque vectoring a year back. And now, Autocar is testing it on an A4 , that too a prototype. Just go and test drive a Ford Explorer and Ford Focus which are on sale for over a year with torque vectoring. I'm sorry but Audi is very late on this and deserves flak for promoting it as something new but it was copied from Ford -a mainstream brand.
  20. The other car which I like so much is the Cadillac CTS and my dad drives it. Its a 2008 model with AWD and 3.6 L DI V6 which produces 304 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. I like the poise and control of the car. The car was among the first dozen or so which our dealer received that time. My dad had a 2004 Cadillac CTS RWD before that .So, when he went to srvice the car, he had a look at this. Then our whole family had a look and that was it . The Cadillac CTS 4 was ours. https://picasaweb.google.com/104532242455402270049/CadillacCTS4AWD?authkey=Gv1sRgCKPmp6fusOGBYg# Unfortunately , the Camaro is up for sale . My sister is moving from Texas to CA ,so we have to sell it. Having a Camaro in CA doesn't make any sense for her. High fuel prices ($4 a gallon),high insurance costs(DUI) and bumper to bumper traffic makes it hard for her to drive it. If I had moved to CA or any such place, i wouldn't sell that. I have a great driving record with no tickets. Alas, I am 10000 miles away. ragav206932011-07-04 11:55:42
  21. The best ever I have bought should be the Camaro. That is the car which I had exclusively owned and driven apart from the Cruze I have now. Though my parents have better cars, (better in terms of build and ride quality,handling)the sheer performance of the Camaro makes u smile. American RWD cars (both muscle and luxury) have this beaten down feel to them which is great because u feel like u have a tamed beast willing to explode. When u press it hard, it explodes ,pushing out a gush of power. I am one of the unlucky few who wanted a Camaro but didn't book one when bookings opened. So, when the Camaro because available in showrooms, there was intense demand for it and dealers marked p the price anywhere between 1000-3000 $. My local dealer wanted $2000 above MSRP(recommended retail price)(Dealers have the right to charge anything they want for the car, there are no mrps un america). So, I found a dealer online who was willing to give away the car for $300 below MSRP.So, me and my dad drove 270 miles from Houston ,Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to get the car. American car dealerships are glorified fish markets. You should negotiate everything from the price, financing,insurance, options etc. Anyone going to a car dealer in America should be ready for that. You can even get $10000 off on a $50000 car or truck if u negotiaite hard even though the dealer might have displayed only $4000 off in advertisements. If u are not alert, u will get badly ripped off. Here are some pics which I took right on the dealer lot in enthusiasm. https://picasaweb.google.com/104532242455402270049/ChevroletCamaro?authkey=Gv1sRgCNPzwfjVlJ_LsQE
  22. "Skoda seems to be getting on the line with its demand as well as sales rising each month.Laura and Superb both are dominating their segments as usual(since Laura is a segment above Cruze to not compared to Cruze,after al you pay 5-6 lacs extra to get one over a Cruze).Yeti seems to be getting the attention. " This is off target and is pure fanboyism and snobbishness. No one pays 6-7 lakhs for a Laura over a Cruze. I paid 1,640,000 for the Cruze AT. Laura prices start at 1,274,000. The loaded TDI AT costs 1,800,000. Way off target. U don't also have to pay for a snob value of a Skoda, a regional entry level brand in Europe. Paying for snob value of a VW is ok(though my opinion of VW isn't too great).VW interiors are classically styled which isn't my taste.
  23. @TSiVipul If prices have not been raised for 18 months, then it is a reasonable hike. Factoring in inflation of 8-10% along with the rise in the price of fuel,the hike is reasonable. Do car owners beat up lorry drivers? In TN, this doesn't happen unless its a hit and run. However, law enforcement and traffic rule enforcement in TN is better than other states in India. The roads of Banglore are much more chaotic than the ones in Chennai.
  24. A three rupee hike is okay. A three rupee hike on RS. 40 doesn't add up to even 10%. So , why are fleet and taxi owners raising prices by 10-15%? Ripping off customers by forming associations is bad. Why don't truckers compete on price rather than a third person fixing prices? A liter of diesel has risen by 7-8%. A liter of diesel might give 7-8 kmpl. So ,the price for trucks should be raised by only 1-2% per km. A 10-15% hike doesn't have any logic and is plain cheating by using fuel price hike as an excuse.ragav206932011-06-25 12:34:11