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    Tata Xenon

    I am more interested in the car you are driving than the one you clicked! The Xenon hardly has any relevance to our market.
  2. I would say check out Civic, Innova and the Altis. Since you've said styling and design is not what you are really after, you might not like the Civic all that much since it is not all that practical a car. That leaves you the Altis and the Innova. Since the vehicle has to accommodate 6 people, i would say Innova would suit your requirement that much better. Drive the top end version of both the petrol and the diesel and pick the one that suits you. You would also do well to just hang on for a month or so and check out the Xylo as well.
  3. It's got to be the Vista for me. After 10 years, they have delivered again and this time it's "MUCH MORE car per car"
  4. Since the discussion involves Swift here i thought i might as well as my question in this thread: I am in the market for a sub 6 lakh - diesel hatch and would like to know if the Swift VDi can be retrofitted with a rear defogger? I drive a lot in the rains and i don't want some one to just sneak up behind me with out my knowledge!!
  5. Coming to the engine specs, i have a feeling that Xylo will come with MHawk. I feel so because there is a pic of an "Eagle" as on the Scorp MHawk in the "Sneak Peek" section on Xylo's site.
  6. If you are looking for a cheap 2 seater then there is none in India. The cheapest will cost you 4 lakhs(Reva). You better wait some time for the Nano. Or buy a used/new maruti 800 according to your budget.
  7. GM infact is the worst hit among the big 3. They require $ 4bn just to get to this month end!!! And their estimated cash requirement for next year is supposedly in excess of $15bn. What's even worse is that GM doesn't even have a proper plan to resurrect the company. It's hoping on a lot of "external" factors to take it through the storm. Ford is better placed and market pundits feel it can sail through this mayhem.
  8. Everything seems to be very impressive about the Linea except for those engines . I would prefer to save now and wait till they release our own 'Monte Bianco' version!
  9. Thanks Vibhor for those numbers! It sure is a mayhem everywhere . Your smileys don't go well with the news that you've posted
  10. Swift should be the last vehicle on your consideration list (or atleast just ahead of other marutis that is ). It's cramped all over and less said abt the boot the better. U-VA fits your bill but do consider the fact that it's rumoured to be getting a model change and also GM is not in the pink of its health. Why not try a Indigo CS? it's got passenger as well as boot space. Fairly reliable and reasonable on maintenance too.
  11. If you got to drive over rough roads it would better be one among the Getz, U-VA, Palio(try the 1.6!!) or the Vista. Also, a 1000 km round trip in an A-star or an i10 is going to be quite tiresome. However, do remember that the 'big' cars don't come with adequate safety features for the budget that you have. romeo_1592008-12-11 10:43:01
  12. May i suggest you something which is not in the list and is totally different? You seem to be predominantly chaueffeur driven. Why not choose a Toyota Innova? It's going to get a facelift soon with automatic climate control and new ICE. It's reliable and will beat all the others hollow in terms of passenger comfort. I would put my money on that if you are not looking for snob value and you are not fixated on a sedan. If you are, then I would say stick to Altis; it seems to have got the better rear seat comfort among the shortlisted ones. Though Laura and Jetta would save you at the fuel station, they will rob you at the service centre
  13. I saw exactly the same car as Juggernaut did in Mysore ring road today. The car was heavily cladded and it was coming from ooty road. It came from my opposite direction and as soon as i spotted that, took a U turn and triend catching up with that. Could manage only a couple of pics of the car's b**t. The speed it was carrying was impressive as i had to summon all the horses of my elantra to just keep up with it.