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  1. Maybe the Ertiga can sell a lac units in a month but for me its nothing more than a smiley21.gif.

    I did the TD,okay it has got good performance(for its size and engine)but still its not upto the mark,front seats are okay,plastic quality etc is good.Dash is also looking good.Ride and handling is also good and FE is also good.

    But when it comes to overall driving comfort..its not the car for me and my driving style.Its terribly undertyred and under hard braking those 185 section tyres try their best to give up.

    And why that spaceless third row?Instead they should have offered some more spacious rear seats and more comfort.C'mon yaar I am Innova type and the Ertiga which is priced near to the Xylo feels like a spartan cave in front of the Xylo.

    about bookings,when cars like Verna and XUV can gain a lot then why not Ertiga?

    Amazingly one thing is common in all three,what? "I literally hate all three of them"..smiley36.gif

  2. @sb-alto

    Then its got to be a perfume!! I would be extremely dissapointed if you bought a real new Ferrari having 4 wheels' date=' engine etc and didn't inform us of happenings minute by minute smiley19.gif


    +100..maybe SB is a bit too much involved in the process..or maybe he is playing the tease game..

    @Sb:How about a teaser pic of the 'Ferrari' you bought?(I am doubtful if it is an Acer mobile phone)


    Did you mean you want to book a ride in SB's new Ferrari, or you have booked you new Ertiga?

    I think its new Ertiga.. smiley32.gif

  3. Well this month of November has really given a lot of surprises and some good news too:-

    1):Punto and Linea sales graph again rising slowly.

    2):first time that cruze has taken the beating and its sales fell below 500 units.

    3):Corolla again emerged as the king of the segment with 488 units.

    4):Effect of THAI flood,Honda's sales figures are even worse than pathetic.

    5):The SWIFT won in the segment with POORNA BAHUMAT..or MAJORITY.

    6):Scorpio again crushed the Innova under its A/T tyres.

    7):Biggest of all is the KIZASHI surprise..TSiVipul2011-12-02 09:06:58

  4. Well,120 bhp and 300nm of torque..

    The Civic petrol costs nearly equal to Cruze then what will be the price of the Civic diesel?

    Damn,this car will directly fly bang into the Laura territory and we can rest assured that the car will be slightly overpriced too.

    Although a 1.4-1.5 diesel can do wonders in the midsize sedan segment.

  5. +1 to Dr Nishu and Ashikawa(That's a Polo 1.6):-

    Why?Even I too have heard as well as read at many places that airbags does not deploy in such a case as of the Polo and the Merc,why?Because the trigger is located somewhere near the lower end of the grill behind the fron bumper and in case any impact is there above the trigger(even if it misses by 1 mm)then the airbags will not open EVEN IF ITS A VOLVO.Also the system can't be made very sensitive too,else if even the car will collide with a bicycle then the airbags will open up and then they are really costly to fix then people will blame the company in an another way.

    When my Laura brushed a stationary truck,my half front bumper was damaged and 'pop' the airbags opened(I have already mentioned this before in 'your top speed ever' thread).


    Secondly:Its the technology and it can fail too and maybe this is the worst form of the failure of technology.

    Third and most important:

    After all its the driver who is the reason and sufferer of all,so the driver needs to be careful.